lots of percentages and ellipses…good times.

It has been a long four days with Mark out-of-state.

We managed wonderfully as a trio but Mark and I have spent a lot of time together in the last 4 years.

Four years?

Has it been that long? Four years since he started to wake up 10 minutes before he needed to go to work. He puts on his jeans, walks down the hallway and sits in his computer chair.

…counting down 7:59:58 (am), 7:59:59(am), 8:00:00(am) Let’s get ready to rumble….

I never thought that having my husband working from home, full-time, would be something that I would enjoy.  Miraculously, we didn’t kill each other. Despite the statistics (and my own negative thinking) we became really good friends…and developed a bond that allowed us to weather the craziness of the last two years with our marriage stronger than ever.  When the hurricane of Citrullinemia hit us at 100 mph, I had a spiritual anchor in my Faith and an Earthly anchor in my husband.

Wow, wasn’t that the most disgusting paragraph you have read all day? I am sorry. Here, let me get you something to stop the nausea.

*hands over peppermints*

So yeah, four days with just me and the boys.  Surprisingly, I had a lot of time to daydream. I don’t know how that worked out but I got to thinking about some things…profound things (riiiight)…and wanted to share.

1. Why do the manufacturers of PopTarts not print the PopTart flavor on the two-packs inside of the box?

I have 6 packs of silver-foiled PopTarts in the cupboard and am smack in the middle of a monster chocolate craving. I just know that one of those darn packs is a leftover Hot Fudge Chocolate duo from last summer.  However, there are no identifying features to clue me in one which delicious flavor is hidden underneath the wrapper!

I need to get the company on the line…


2. In my lifetime I have come in contact with many makes and models of alarm clocks. Because I am under the age of 40, nearly all my encounters have been of the digital kind.  If I were to just pull some random, but as close to truth as I can remember, I would say that nearly 99.9% of them work the same way.

One of the red dots, when lit, signifies that the alarm is set. When that little dot is lit…alarm is ON, baby.

The second little dot signifies AM or PM. Here is my issue.  Nearly every time (here comes well-thought out, made-up statistic #2) when the second little dot is “activated” or “on” it means that the time is PM.


I have checked all three alarms in my house. I have asked friends. Go check yours now and get back to me.

I will wait…

*glances at watch*

PM, right?

Once in a while though, it gets all mixed up. Suddenly, I find myself waking at 7pm instead of 7am because this time…this time…the red dot “lit” means that it is AM.

Thanks a lot, alarm in the Children’s House on the morning of Corrigan’s surgery!

(it turned out fine, I ended up checking it one final time, before bed, and caught my mistake)

…but “whew!”

I think that there should be an international, dare I say universal agreement on whether the second dot means AM or PM.

I am TOO OLD to learn new tricks.


3. What is up with holding doors lately?

The past three times that I have been out of the house I have found myself behind someone either entering or leaving a retail establishment.  A retail establishment that have those old-fashioned doors with handles.

Each time that I have been in this situation, a body-length behind the stranger in front of me, I have found that each of those people, both male and female, have held the door for me

The internet and Facebook haven’t killed all of our social skills (yet!)

But on all three occasions, the person holding the door only kind of does the job.

For most of my life, if someone was in front of me and held the door open, they would at least turn their heads a slight bit so that they could see that they were holding it open long enough to completely finish the display of good manners.

Some would turn around enough to make eye-contact in which a hearty “thank you” from me would encourage brief small-talk and a happy feeling entering the mall (or Superstore).

Now? Three times I have had my elbow or shoulder plunked by the glass as the person kind of opening the door lets the door swing back too soon.  There is no turning of the head, in fact I do not know how these people are even aware of my presence unless they see me in the reflection on the glass and are only holding the door out of duty…and it is my job to make sure that I get through in the nick-of-time because really…they have stuff to do.

Like get home and check their email.

Is it too much to ask that they either don’t hold the door at all or hold it long enough that the person coming through is not knocked out cold?

Because this guessing makes me feel like I am in a Donkey Kong game or something.

“ooh! barely dodged that barrel!”


4.Finally,  Mt.Dew ” White Out ” is amazing.

Yes, I voted.

Have a lovely week!

2 thoughts on “lots of percentages and ellipses…good times.

  1. Whiteout is awesome isn’t it? It is like a far superior Fresca.
    Last year’s winner, the blue mountain dew (not the official name), is still my favorite, though.


    • Ha. The blue just reminds me of Windex I cannot drink it. *shudder*
      But the Whiteout? You described it PERFECTLY! Like supreme Fresca! I hope it is around for a long time, I am pretty sure it won.
      I miss you Sister. *sobbing*


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