but it LOOKS like candy

Last night, Mark handed me a package of old-fashioned candy and encouraged me to try one. I knew from the moment that I held a piece in my hand that I would not like it.

Many years ago, (oh, maybe 25 years or so) I faked a sore throat in the middle of the drugstore.  I faked the sore throat in hopes that my mother would buy me a tin of Sucrets. I wanted the tin. I have always liked tiny containers and “Mindy at age 10” thought that a tin of perfectly round, cherry-red, powdered lozenges (all individually wrapped and lined up so neatly inside of its tin!) was better than a Hershey bar.

I had tasted a Sucrets before and that didn’t deter my desire for a tin of lozenge.  They were kind of delicious. More like, “awesome.”  Was I weird? I mean, not in general but in regards to the cough drops?  For some reason, my mother believed my tale of throat pain and bought the Sucrets.

In the course of the next hour or so, I surreptitiously unwrapped lozenge after lozenge and ultimately ended up with an awful tummy ache and lost all feeling in my tongue.

I have never been able to eat a cherry lozenge, without cringing, since then.

I tried the wild cherry candy, last night, after all.  I spit it out in minutes.  It was delicious I am sure (?), but memories are powerful things and mine overpowered the present.

They sure make for a pretty picture though!

What foods trigger bad memories for you?

7 thoughts on “but it LOOKS like candy

  1. First, I must say all your pictures are gorgeous. GORGEOUS! You even know how to make candy look good! I’m a sugar-holic so I’ll pretty much eat any candy. Unless they involve fruit. Then I won’t touch it.

    So one time, my mother made something called “scallop linguini” which involved scallops, pasta and some sort of creamy sauce all baked together. Soon after, I deposited the contents of my stomach in the toilet. And I have never eaten a scallop since. I was maybe 10 at the time, so we’re talking over 30 years. No scallops. Can’t even think about it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog – you could TOTALLY do a vlog. I figured I’m chattering away all day anyway, might as well put it on film! lol


  2. Hi. Returning your SITS visit. You’re boys are gorgeous! I love the March 2010 picture of them on your Our Story page. The look on Corrigan’s face is precious!

    Banana pudding does it for me. I must have been 11 or 12 when my friends and I ate a package of banana pudding mix. Dinner that night was roast beef and sadly I saw it all twice. It took years before I’d eat roast beef again but even now, more than 20 years later, I can still taste that horrible banana pudding mix. Yuck!

    Cheers 🙂
    – CoconutPalmDesigns


  3. I cannot even think about eating an Arby’s roast beef sandwich without becoming queasy. The one and only time I ate one, I got the stomach flu. Now I won’t go near the things but The Mr. loves them!

    Thanks for stopping by my Wednesdays on the Web guest post at Housewife Eclectic. Compliments are always welcome. 🙂 You can see what I’m doing the other days of the week at my blog, just Lu. I am loving your blog here and am now a subscriber.


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