Happy 2nd Birthday Corrigan!

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Two years ago I met Corrigan.  Actually, I was the last to meet him. He was taken away before I could see him closely in the operating room and then I spent time in recovery while everyone else got to see him and “ooh” and “ahh” over his angry-man, red and wrinkly newness.

I lay in recovery itching from both the effects of anesthesia and an overwhelming need to hold my baby.  When they finally brought him to me I cried.  It was a great big ugly cry…full of love, relief and exhaustion. Mark slipped into the bed beside me and I felt the mattress move as Connor slipped in on the other side. Together, we looked at Corrigan and smiled. We were a family of four for the first time and my sister snapped a photo.

That photo is taped to the wall behind the computer monitor.  Directly in my line of sight. Every single day I look over at the 4×6 photo and smile.  I didn’t even know that my family was not complete until the moment that the hospital bed was full with the weight of new-family love.  I am so very thankful that my family is still complete today. Two-year birthdays are a big deal in our world.  As are three-year old birthdays…and four. I will spend my life refusing to take for granted every single one of Corrigan’s birthdays.

Happy 2nd Birthday Little C!

Daddy, Mommy and Connor love you and think that you are the “bee’s knees” (cat’s pajamas, you’re the cow that jumped over the moon…sorry, Steve Songs in my head) and we hope that you have the very best birthday!

2 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Corrigan!

  1. What a beautiful post. I had completely forgotten about the post-birth itching. Happy 2nd birthday to Corrigan and thank you for sharing the tail end of his birth story.


  2. Happy Birthday little guy! I would so love to see your first “complete” family photo that you are referring to. And by the way, Connor is such a cutie in the sidebar photo.


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