He will be bungee jumping by age 5

Corrigan is my thrill seeker.  He loves to hang upside down…or better yet, hang upside down while someone spins him. Quickly. It isn’t fast enough until the person spinning him vomits.

For his birthday we wanted to get him a swing set. The more we researched play sets/swing sets,  and considered his delays, we decided that a plain swing set is not likely going to be much fun for Corrigan. Ladders confound him and slides overwhelm him.  We found a molded plastic, play set that we like but it is going to take quite a bit of “saving up” to buy. Our friends and family blessed him with some birthday cash (and lots of clothes and books!) so we are well on the way to getting something that will encourage his need to climb but be size-appropriate and safe.

Until then, we were searching for something that would be “just right” for  Corrigan. We went back and forth on riding toys and wagons because he really does enjoy being “chauffeured” around outdoors but nothing screamed “Corrigan!”

Five days before his birthday we made up our minds and ordered his gift.

I would say that it was a hit.

(That is Corrigan’s cousin, Roy, with him in the above photo)

We chose the Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster and couldn’t be more happy with how much Cor loves it.  It only took 5 minutes to assemble, it is incredibly sturdy and my goodness it looks like so much fun.

(look at him go!)

I love that the little dips and hills are so smooth…there is absolutely no jerking at all…and when the car leaves the track (depending on the location in your yard) it continues to run smoothly for another ten feet (or more!)

(He was singing, “woooooo” as he went down)

and even the big kids loved it.

(Connor will kill me for posting this…I rarely see him smile this big though..so it stays)

The cousins are already thinking of ways to rig a sprinkler for the end of the coaster so that they can combine Corrigan’s need-for-speed and his strange enjoyment of water hitting him directly in the eyeballs. (seriously, he LOVES when water squirts him in the face…it cracks him up)

( I want a turn)

I already know what his next coaster is going to look like…can you stand how cool this is?

(photo is way small, right? Click here to check it out closely)

Man, they didn’t have toys that awesome when I was little.

What was your favorite toy when you were younger…and which new toy/gadget is out now that you would have loved as a child?

4 thoughts on “He will be bungee jumping by age 5

  1. love it!! i never knew they made anything like that. sophie would be petrified, lol….but corrigan looks like its the best thing EVER!!! dont you love it when you find the perfect gift!


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