Before and After (2 June 10)

A friend (*waves at Katie*) recently asked what I did to achieve the final result on this photo.

So I thought it might be a neat idea to do some “Before and After” posts in regards to my photos every now and then.

Here is the original SOOC (straight out of camera) and the final edited shot

This shot was taken under my white carport at 7:24 pm as the sun was getting low (directly behind Corrigan is West) and was giving me light so delicious I wanted to eat it with a spoon.

I was shooting with my 50mm 1.8 because my other main lens needs sent in for recalibration due to back-focusing issues.

My mistakes:

I should have moved back a bit.  The 50mm is a nice little lens but I love my zoom lenses…I am not used to moving back a bit more shooting like this.

That is Mark’s arm in the bottom right corner. I think that I was saying, “MOVE YOUR ARM..MOVE IT!” because I knew that the light was divine and Corrigan was being so cute…but Mark was being belligerent and taking his good old time. I shot anyway.

The ISO was too low for my lighting. I had been shooting in mostly full-sun all afternoon during his party and it was set at 200.  I probably  could have bumped it up a bit since we were in open-shade and the light was behind him.

I did not custom white balance.  I had set my white balance for the yard and didn’t change it here. In all fairness though, I was sitting on the concrete, scrolling through the day’s photos, when Corrigan came over and started playing. When I looked up and noticed the light I started shooting, not wanting to miss the moment and not caring a bit about my settings.

I did only two things for this photo..and both are actions that are used in Photoshop.

I am not really an “actions” kind of girl though I do own many many of them! At first, I ran them on most of my photos but over time I started to break them down into their components and learned how to do a cleaner processing by my own hand rather than hitting “play” and letting something else do the work.

( I will admit to a Dodging and Burning addiction though..I am always deepening the shadows to give the photo depth…I should probably give that a break! ha)

Normally, (for this photo and most of my others) I would fix the white balance in post production and maybe do a Screen layer to brighten, sharpen and re-size…but I knew as soon as I saw these I wanted to try some new FREE actions that are generously made by Mel at Groovy Chick.  I had downloaded them from ILP awhile back but didn’t really know what I would use them on.

I will let you check out these Actions and enjoy her tutorials as well…she can explain them far better than I ever could!

You will need to join ILP ( it is free and an amazing resource for photographers or just mom’s that want to learn to take great pics!  Join up and start reading the JSO section ( Just Starting Out) and sit back amazed at the knowledge available for free!

Once you join try this LINK for Mel’s generous share of her actions that I used. ( you have to be a member to see the link and download) Be sure to thank her!

For this photo I ran Dreamlight and pulled it back just a tad because it was too bright…and then I ran Greenlee on it to bring out more of the green/blue tones. Sharpened (using High Pass Filter) and re-sized.

So easy!

8 thoughts on “Before and After (2 June 10)

  1. Oh Mindy!!!!! I so wish we lived closer and you could give me some lessons!!! Thank you so so much for the info though and I will check all of that out and get signed up! I absolutely love to take pictures and since I will now be staying home with the kiddos full-time I would love to get into it more! I just feel like I have so much to learn and at times feel like it’s a whole different language that I’m trying to decipher! You do such an amazing job with your pictures! Have you ever thought about doing it professionally? Isn’t it crazy how we met because of our kiddos conditions but we have more in common than that…gotta love the way life works sometimes…so glad I “met” you and looking forward to learning more about photography from you as well:)


    • Katie,
      I think that you will find ILP to be the best education! There is so much instruction, critique and inspiration on one little message board! Just don’t do what I do..spend all of my time reading and learning and not getting out and APPLYING it! ha. I really need to shoot more often.

      I am glad to help. I am not an expert by any means…but I have spent a lot of time teaching myself Photoshop (with the help of the internet) I hope that you can find the tutorials you need to optimize your Lightroom experience!

      Glad to have “met” you too!!! my life is richer because of your friendship!


  2. Usually your blogs tug at my heart and bring uncontrollable torrents of tears. But,today, I can truely say….What the heck are you talking about?????I just point and shoot and Delete. If it works, it might get posted. LOL Dad


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