(well hello there, handsome)

My husband is a good man.  A man of character.  He is honest and faithful and loves a good fart joke.  He loves all of us unconditionally and loves his Lord even more.  He is the leader of our home and the owner of my heart.

He lives his life according to Deuteronomy 23:23 That which is gone out of thy lips thou shalt keep and perform; even a freewill offering, according as thou hast vowed unto the LORD thy God, which thou hast promised with thy mouth.

…those are not just words to him. He lives them. He believes that his word is his bond. In a world that honors dishonesty and deceit he would rather suffer than break a promise. He would rather be penniless than earn a cent through shady practice. He will do whatever it takes to keep true to his word. I trust him implicitly.

He has had a rough year. Well, two years if you count all of the medical drama that has happened in our family yet he remains solid. Dependable. Unwavering.

Through almost an entire year of unemployment he worked hard to remain positive, convinced that the hard times were merely a chance to improve our character.  He taught me to remain calm in the face of our family financial meltdown. When I would find myself having a mild panic attack at 1am he would calmly say, “What you are worried about is not happening right nowright this minute” and would walk me through deep cleansing breaths.

He would remind me over and over that “today has its own troubles” and to not get too far ahead of myself.  He is almost always the voice of reason, a wealth of Biblical verse for whatever situation I am freaking out about and the warm hug when fear washes over me.

I hate when I am not exactly that person for him.  I hate that when he needs me most, when he is feeling kicked in the teeth, when he gives 150% every single day, to every single person that counts on him, and is exhausted and beleaguered, I react emotionally instead of rationally.  I hate to see him devalued when he should be valued immensely. Like my children, I want people to recognize that he is a priceless gem and it literally can bring me to tears when he is treated contrary to his character.

But he doesn’t hold it against me. Even when I am raging in my kitchen, defending his honor to no one but the refrigerator, he looks at me with those eyes.  Like the photo above shows, they hold such kindness. He understands my nature. He appreciates my fury.  He gets me.

And then, when the tide of emotion within me recedes, when I should be holding him he moves to hold me first.  It has always been that way. Whether standing on that sidewalk outside of the hospital of our sick baby…or in the kitchen with a stack on overdue bills  screaming for payment…Mark is a rock.

We all need one of those.

Are you blessed to have a rock in your life? I would love if you would share with me what that person means to you in the comments below. Let’s celebrate the people that love us unconditionally!

5 thoughts on “mark

  1. Mindy that brought me to tears. I’m so sorry you guys have had rough times aside from Corrigan’s condition. I can relate so much to the part where you talk about standing outside of the hospital together. Scott and I have been there. Speaking of Scott, he is definitly been my rock these past couple of years which is how long we’ve been together. He has helped me through some of the toughest times of my life. He is the epitomy of undconditional love and I thank God everyday for him.


  2. I just LOVE this post. And the photo. It really captures something in Mark. I can ditto almost everything in here… again! Thank God for our lobsters.


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