Corrigan and Caroline

This past weekend was finally warm enough to unpack Corrigan’s new pool.  The things that I thought that he would love about the pool were things that he totally ignored (the slide, the sprinkler) and instead did his usual “thing”…which means that he splashed and splashed and splashed for hours.

This is one of the only shots that I have of Corrigan being still.

Most of the shots look like this…

or this…

or kind of like this…

He did find a flock of birds kind of fascinating at one point…

(Oh my goodness, check out those ears!)

It really was fun to just sit (out of splash range!) and watch him having fun at his own pace, doing his own thing and loving every minute of it and he slept pretty good afterwards too!

So did you notice the cool romper that Cor is wearing? Super C?

(hey, a Superman curl! kind of?)

This shirt was sent to us by Abigail and it was the first shirt that I asked Christina to turn into a romper (to cover and protect his feeding tube) for Corrigan.  “Super C” is a nickname that we used when Corrigan was so sick, and first born, two years ago and it is also the same nickname that another family used for their daughter, Caroline, who is one of the bravest little kids that I have had the pleasure to “meet” through her Mommy, Abigail.

Caroline had a rough road but met each challenge(a Urea Cycle Disorder, Leukodystrophy and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome) head-on and from what I have learned, through reading her story, was such an inspiration to her entire community and beyond.  Caroline eventually left the loving arms of her family and went on to wait for them with Jesus but she left an indelible mark on many, including me.

Abigail was kind enough to send some of Caroline’s things to Corrigan including this “Super C”  shirt that friends and family wore at her Heaven Celebration. Caroline loved ducks and amassed quite the collection during her time here, on Earth, and her family honored that love by adding a ducky to the shirt design.

I don’t know if I can explain what it is like to receive something like this in the mail. Things that meant so much to a little girl that is no longer with us.  To hold the shirt in my hands and read her Mama’s note…to find a little rubber “angel” ducky tucked inside that were handed out at Caroline’s funeral…to know that I still get to scoop up my own “Super C” and smell his hair, pinch his chubby little butt as he runs away from me…it is almost too much to bear.

When I watched Corrigan running around the yard this weekend, splashing and screeching and enjoying himself so deeply it was bittersweet but beautiful.  These photos make me think about Caroline and everyone that loves her. It is an absolute honor to dress Corrigan in Caroline’s memory shirt and tell people about her strength.

Update: With Abigail’s permission I want to share the link to Caroline’s story. <———— I do believe that you have to sign up for CaringBridge in order to read but totally worth it.


We have been working on our ABC’s and Corrigan has only, in the last few days, mastered speaking the letter “C”.  He enunciates so clearly and it cracks me up the way that he stretches his mouth and crinkles his nose to say the letter.  I managed to catch him saying, “C”, while shooting.

Caroline, this is for you!

“Corrigan, what letter is on your shirt?”

4 thoughts on “Corrigan and Caroline

  1. I popped over from angel Caroline’s CB page to say hi to Corrigan – what a great little guy! :o) So full of beans I see. Sending him and you all plenty of best wishes from the U.K.

    Nigel XXX


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