National Nature Photography Day 2010

Yesterday was National Nature Photography Day!

While Corrigan was napping (and Connor was listening out for him) I ran over to the neighbor’s yard to snap a few photos for the day.  These were all taken with my 50mm, wide open at 1.8 and ISO 100 or 200.

I rarely can say that my photos are posted with “clean” edits because I almost always fuss around a bit with them in post-production. I like to deepen shadows, clone away things etc. but aside from sharpening them for web (and resizing!) these are completely the way that they came out of camera. It was pretty windy (and I was surrounded by bees!) but I am happy with what I could grab in 5 minutes.

So dreamy and creamy…I love my little 50mm 1.8 and dream of one day owning something down around 1.2!

If you would like to see one in a larger size simply click on the photo!

“Mmmmmm, bokeh

This is my first time playing along over at In a Yellow House…but the theme for the week is NATURE so why not? Lots of talent over there…why don’t you stop over and visit?

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11 thoughts on “National Nature Photography Day 2010

  1. I also love my little 1.8, although I’ve found my copy to be sharpest at 2.0 or even 2.2 so I close it down a little for portraits. And I too am drooling over the 1.2! Can you imagine holding that in your hand!?

    Beautiful shots, you found some wonderful color and interesting subjects to focus on. Love the bees!


  2. thank you for the kind words on my blog! I am so happy i found your blog as well, i can already tell I am going to enjoy it 🙂 These pictures are amazing! can’t wait to keep up on your blog 🙂


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