a day for dads

I am pretty sure that men do not love mushy, love-soaked blog posts about them on the world-wide web (or maybe they do?) so I will keep this abbreviated.

This guy


…is the father of my children…an exceptional man.   As far as “Dad’s” go, Mark gets the “#1 Dad” mug, tie and t-shirt. In fact, he is so amazing that he deserves a black onyx ring with “Dad”, in 10K Gold,  splayed across (diagonally, of course!) the top of the stone. Oh! and diamond chip. It really needs the diamond chip.  You laugh, but one day….one day….I am getting him that ring.

I love him. My kids love him. The dog loves him.  We are blessed.

Happy Father’s Day Mark. I hope that you get blue skies filled with puffy, white clouds and sunshine on your face. We really do think that you are the bees-knees.  *big smooch*

and to my own Dad…

I hope that your day is just as lovely.  Thank you for all that you have done for me. Both in my life as a youngster and as a grown-up that still needs the comfort of your big, warm hugs.  It is my pleasure to watch you as “PapPap” to my kiddos.  I love you.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Father’s that I know.  In honor of all of you, I will watch “Finding Nemo” twice today.  Seriously, if ever there were a movie to honor the faithfulness of a Daddy’s love it is in the story of Marlin and Nemo, eh?

much love,


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