summer evenings…

As you might have noticed, Corrigan is a bit pale.

Both of my boys inherited their fair skin from me (sorry!) though Connor will now get a little tanned after a few days in the sun.  The first time this summer that I needed to slather some sunscreen on Corrigan he did what most little kids do…instantly rubbed his fists on his soaked cheeks and then straight to his poor little eyes. Ouch!

Even when I use an SPF over 30 he still will get a little sunburned so we try not to take him outdoors to play until after 5pm and, even then, I prefer him to play in the shade. The carport is fast becoming the place to hang out in the hot summer evenings.

I had picked up a box of sidewalk chalk and was pleasantly surprised that Corrigan was cool with the powdery texture of the chalk sticks but also seemed to understand how to use them.

He also was working on the fine art of “blending with fingers.”

There is a really interesting light around the carport in the evenings but I still have not figured out which way I prefer to shoot to maximize it.

I am hoping to get back out with the boys tonight to try out some more vibrant sidewalk chalk that Connor found at the store today.

Corrigan had some chalk competition though.  Daddy has some mad pastel skills I tell ya.

It cracks me up that even when confronted with pastel pinks and blues…boys will still draw monsters.  Daddy’s dragon was seriously cool though.

A little later, I found him sitting on the front sidewalk drawing something pretty to welcome visitors.

I have a feeling there will be a lot of chalk drawing photos on the blog this summer. I like the simple fun of something like this.

Corrigan likes to “ride” his car in the carport as well. Getting on and off, by himself, is a work-in-progress but he is learning every day.

I love his sweaty little head and seriousness when he plays.  He is such a little boy all of a sudden and not a baby at all anymore. That is what we want though, right? They have to grow up because the alternative is too sad to contemplate…so grow! grow! GROW! little man.  I can take it! ( kind of)

Uh oh, he is about to cross over into the light…it cracks me up that it looks like he is pausing to contemplate whether he should venture out into the sun or not..

I feel like I hit the sunscreen “jackpot” today when I found name brand SPF 30 “face sticks” for only $1.97  (*correction )$1.29at Ollie’s! Not two weeks ago, in a hurry, I was forced to pay $7.99 for ONE stick at CVS before we headed out to do something that involved my translucent toddler and the midday sun. I bought four, today, and as I am typing this I am itching to head back over tonight and grab up 10 more because that is a fabulous deal. You should check and see if your local Ollie’s Bargain Outlet has the same special!

Your comments are appreciated!

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