Dear Corrigan,

No doubt about it…you are a cutie. I could sit and look at you all day long except that would be ridiculous because everyone needs to sleep sometime. Did you hear the last part of that sentence? About everyone needing to sleep sometime? *ahem* Maybe I should have italicized it for emphasis. No matter, you cannot read anyway but trust me. You need to sleep. I need to sleep. This entire relationship would be fifty times more awesome if you allowed me to sleep for more than two consecutive hours for more than two consecutive days.

Oh, you trick me, you do. You will pull a 6-hour stretch one day and then punish me with newborn-like wakings for the next 30 days. Cruel, I tell you. Last night, you woke screaming at 2am, 4 am, 5 and 6:16am.  Yes, specifically 6:16am. How do I know? Because after the 5am wakeup scream I laid in my bed, staring at the dark ceiling, my body refusing to go back to sleep because it knew that you would be asking it to move again in no time at all. I was surprised that you made it the extra 16 minutes. Well done?

You turned 25 months old yesterday. That is approximately 20 months longer than the baby books say that a child should be able to sleep through the night.  Now I know there are some issues that keep you from sleeping like the other kids but I have seen you do it. I have overheard you snoring, I know that you like your sleep because if I dare wake you before you are ready there is hell to pay. I think that it is not too much to ask for 5 solid hours. I hope that five hours doesn’t sound too greedy. If you need to work up to it, I will gladly accept four hours as an answer.  I can live with four. Kind of.

Because anything is better than this nearly every-hour torment that you have going on right now.

I love you. Always.

Your Sleepy Mama,


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