We won a contest !!-Kids Craft Playhouse (cottage)

A few weeks ago I entered a contest at Five Minutes for Mom to possibly win a playhouse from KidsCraftUSA.  I was super excited when I received an email that I had won my choice of either the cottage or the space shuttle. We excitedly chose the space shuttle for Corrigan since his Uncle Roy works for NASA, however when the prize arrived yesterday we were a tiny bit disappointed that we were sent, despite our choice, the cottage.

It didn’t take long to realize that Corrigan didn’t care whether he was playing in a house or a space shuttle…he just loves playing in boxes!  (Remember this post?)

Connor and I decided to tackle the assembly ourselves and it took very little time to get it all together and ready for play. I came in four pieces with pretty great tabs that keeps everything together.

This is what it looked liked assembled and ready for our imagination!

(The cottage has 5 windows and a large door)

( Hello, Connor!)

(Hey, did you just fart in my house?)

Corrigan was so excited when he came down the hall and saw the cottage assembled and ready for play!  He really enjoys opening and closing doors so the numerous windows kept him busy for awhile until he realized that the front-door was way cooler.  He then spent a really long time testing the strength of the cardboard with his door-slamming skills.

From the Kids CraftUSA website: “The Creation Cottage is a children’s playhouse made from 100% recycled cardboard material. The unique design allows for a sturdy drawing surface for your child. The white exterior is a blank canvas that your child will be able to design on their own. It will provide hours, days, even weeks of fun and allow your child to create their own “home”.  Although the possibilties are endless, this cardboard playhouse is perfect for birthday parties, play dates, and rainy day fun. Measurements (Assembled): 42.25″L x 39.5″W x 54″H”  (editors note: it is BIG. Bigger than you think.  Kids have plenty of room inside to drag their blankets and pillows and toys for imaginative play!)

The playhouses are from 100% recycled materials and are eco-friendly (be sure to recycle it when you are finished using it!) and a portion of the proceeds are donated to children’s charities nationwide!

Not long after we had the cottage assembled, Connor and I decided that leaving it white was bound to make us insane so we all jumped into the car and headed over the Dollar Store to buy some stuff to make it a bit more colorful.

Connor took care of the things that needed painted and I was in charge of things that needed glued. *sigh* Didn’t I learn anything the last time I glued stuff to a box?  ha!

When we got to the Dollar Store the only choices that we could really find were to either deck the entire house out in Stars and Stripes (which would have been great for the shuttle but seemed odd for the house) or to choose to decorate with the tons and tons of Tiki/Luau stuff the store had in stock.

(Corrigan seems unimpressed with our decorating skills, eh?)

We found the sea-blue poster board at the store to make the waves and the tropical fish, and tiki heads, came in a big pack.  We spent around $7.00 in supplies and we can use what is left over to make a “Welcome Home” poster for our neighbor who has been gone for months taking care of her Mom (we miss her like crazy!) and might be coming home tomorrow (and a celebration poster for Corrigan-more to come on that later!)

(Connor did a really great job painting the Cafe sign!)

It took us about 90 minutes to make the cottage into what we envisioned and when it was all finished it looked like this…

We thought that it needed something to make it Corrigan’s so we wanted to put his handprint on the window. However, talking Corrigan into willingly giving me his hand is like negotiating with a terrorist.  He was not happy to oblige but I was *ahem* persuasive. (I just grabbed his hand and painted-mean mommy, I know)

Overall, if price were no problem, I would be thrilled to buy something like this for Corrigan. My request for friends and family to keep their eyes open for empty large-appliance boxes has gone unheeded for months and months (though, in this economy, who is buying new appliances anyway?) so winning something that is this sturdy and that has such creativity potential seems too good to be true!

Thank you, Five Minutes for Mom, for the opportunity to win…and KidsCraftUsa for offering your product! It is exactly what I envisioned that I would do with an empty oven box but know that I would fall so miserably short when I tried to implement my idea.  This was so simple and easy to put together and I think that Corrigan is going to get so much use out of it!


…the palm tree garland offended Corrigan’s fine decorating sensibilities. He decided that it must come down…oh…and be shredded into tiny…tiny….pieces. Otherwise, Corrigan gives it two-thumbs up!

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