summer fun-sprinkler in the trampoline

Uncle Daniel gave the boys a sprinkler and we decided that the safest place for Corrigan to try it out was the enclosed trampoline.  We worried that, in the grass, he would slip trying to run around the ball…but in the trampoline he stays on his knees so we wouldn’t have to worry about him conking his head.  Please indulge me this large photo post…they are some of my favorite photos that I have ever taken.

A few months ago, when we knew that we were going to be doing the feeding tube surgery, we were originally told that he would not be able to swim, submerged, until he got his mic-key button. I worried that he would have a miserable summer not being able to swim so I tried to acclimate him to spraying water to prepare him for sprinkler play.  From the very first moment that I put him in the bathtub and turned on the shower, he has loved being splashed in the face. The harder, the better.

The sprinkler is fun because it wiggles a bit anyway…but combined with the bouncy trampoline action…it became an unpredictable splash zone inside of that net! Corrigan loved when it bounced around and zapped him in the skull.

I love his little monkey-ears in this photo.  Everything about the twenty minutes that he spent splashing and jumping makes me smile.  He laughed so hard and had such a good time that it made my own face hurt from smiling so big.

We rarely take Corrigan out to play until after 5pm. He is so fair-skinned that I avoid taking him out during peak hours and he is a sweaty boy, prone to easily overheating, so we err on the side of caution and wait until after dinner to take him outdoors.  Yesterday, the temperature was over 94 degrees, so even at 6:30 in the evening it was sweltering.

Going out so late to play also means that I am able to catch some delicious golden light as the sun goes down behind my neighbor’s house. When the water and sunlight joined it felt magical for a little while. I wanted to crawl inside and shoot even more photos but I dared not get the camera wet.

It was such a pleasure to watch him play so joyfully. He didn’t even fuss when it was time to go inside. The temps are supposed to reach 100 degrees today and tomorrow so I am sure we will head back out to do this again only the next time I will leave the camera in the house and join in the fun!

Looks like fun doesn’t it?

Finally, anyone else getting a Flashdance flashback from this last photo?

Enjoy your summer! Stay cool!



8 thoughts on “summer fun-sprinkler in the trampoline

  1. What a great collection of photos! I’m so glad you posted all of them because one would not have been enough.

    I smiled the whole way through!



  2. I absolutely love your photos. You have inspired me to kick my photos up a notch. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it. Stop by again anytime.



  3. thank you . thank you thank you….for sharing your thoughts and your photos!! they are great shots! makes me wonder if a trampoline would be good thereapy for my little prince.


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