Before and After

Today I thought that I would join in on the Before and After fun over at Pixel Perfect

This photo was the last shot of the day on July 3rd.  It was 8:59 pm and, as you can see, it is underexposed.

Normally, I would just toss this one in the recycle bin but I thought that I would see if I could salvage it for a “Before and After” post.

Here is the original SOOC (ugh!)

and here is what I ended up with

I live in a lovely town, rich in history, so I wanted to do something “aged” with the photo. I also wanted to salvage the blown-out sky.

I used two textures, lightened the photo with a screen layer, used an action (on very low opacity) called “Greenlee” and burned some areas.

I am very hit-or-miss with texturing my photos. I really need some formal training on how to use textures in a more deliberate, fine-touch manner.  You can view some of my other humble attempts at using textures on my Flickr page.

Here are the two photos side by side:

If you would like to join in on the Before and After fun or would just like to see how other people process their photos come on over to Pixel Perfect!

13 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. I’m the same way at using textures. Another “hit or miss” case like you. However, this edit is amazing! I would have thought you were a pro with textures.


  2. I love your edit! The textures make your picture look like a painting and the colors that you brought into the picture are great.


  3. Hi! I’ve just found your blog through Pixel Perfect and am going to subscribe to your blog!

    I love textures and you’ve done an amazing job here! There are lots of resources around the internet about how to apply textures, though you can take some expensive workshops on it. I write about it a little bit, but have found that Patti Brown has some pretty good video tutorials on applying textures. They’re geared toward her own textures and overlays, of course, but the principles can be applied to any!


    • Lynda THANK YOU!!! I am going to check out the suggested link, I really learn better with a video tutorial. Much obliged!


  4. Glenn, Katie, Ari, lotg, Lynda- thank you for taking the time to not only stop by…but to leave a comment as well. I really appreciate it! xoxoMindy~


  5. I LOVE the texture!!! It looks great!!
    Thanks for the tips on my edit from last week. I haven’t had much computer time to check out everyone’s before and after’s. 🙂


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