Happy Birthday Nonner!

Hey, Nonner. It’s me. Corrigan.  Shhh, don’t tell mama but I am typing on her ABC thingy.

I wanted to tell you Happy Birthday Nonner.  I love you very, very, very much.

You are a super cool Big Brother to me.  You play with me a lot. I like it a lot when you bounce with me on the big silver ball.

Remember when we bounced for a long time?

(Pretend that I am singing, “Happy Birthday” to you in this picture, okay?)

I am sorry that I break your stuff sometimes. You never yell at me. That is why you are a great big brother.

I like when we bounce together and sing songs.  You always sing songs to me.

(Thanks for letting Nemo bounce with us too!)

Thanks for sharing your room with me Nonner. I am really sorry that I sometimes wake up and climb up into your bed and jump on your head. Okay, I am not really sorry about that…it is funny but you never yell at me. That’s another reason why you are a great big brother.

(We were pretending to be statues here, right? Nemo was copying me)

It is really fun playing “get you” with you, Nonner.  I love when you chase me around the house and it makes me sad when we stop playing. I scream a lot when we stop. You never yell at me for that.  That makes you a great big brother.

Mama says that you are a teenager now. I hope that “being a teenager” doesn’t mean that you won’t play at the playground with me, or take me out on the trampoline. I like playing with you. You make me laugh. A lot.

Mama says that we both wear size 7.5 shoes right now. Only mine are kid’s size shoes. I think that is pretty cool. I want to be just like you. When I turn into a teenager I want to be exactly the same as you are now.

I love you Nonner. More than Nemo. And that’s a lot!

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