summer Saturday

On Saturday we headed a short distance, out of town, for some Chinese food.  I do not know why I was surprised to get there and find it closed. Almost every restaurant that we love ends up closing. Connor wanted to eat some General Zso’s for his birthday dinner but, alas, it was not meant to be.

We ended up at an establishment that has big screen televisions and hot wings. Corrigan started screaming before the waitress even brought the menus so while Mark and Connor ate, I sat in the car listening to Corrigan scream until he barfed. Good times.

After that we headed over to the city park to get some fresh air.  It was a beautiful summer day and we hoped that Corrigan would be happy since he loves being outdoors.

I imagine that it must be stunning here in the Spring. After a few weeks over near 100-degree days everything was pretty fried but it was still lovely.

There are never enough photos of Mark and Connor on this blog. The park gave me a chance to shoot a few new ones.

There were two really nice playgrounds along the way and we stopped to let Corrigan stretch his legs a little bit. He is always drawn to the bigger-boy swings instead of the “baby” set up. Mark let him try and swing all by himself for the first time.

I think that he did a really great job! Connor was uncomfortable with the concept though and tried to let him be “big” but when Corrigan started to let go of the chain, Connor had enough and made him swing on his lap. Connor is going to make a great Daddy one day.

Like all toddlers, Corrigan was not thrilled with leaving the playground and he didn’t understand why he could not get out of the stroller to look at the ducks…but the “wall” around the water was less than a foot high and knowing Cor’s love of water it would have been mere seconds before he was head first into the pond.

We stopped for Sno-Cones and checked out the swans.  It was a really nice way to spend an afternoon.

Plus, I got some photos of Connor! The elusive older child ‘o mine that rarely graces the blog…feels good to show off his handsome face for a change!

Happy Birthday Connor! I love ya!

One thought on “summer Saturday

  1. Hi Mindy, love this post and the photos. I can also sense the love and compassion that you have for your whole family; comes across nicely in your words and photos. Good work… 🙂


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