The Rhythm’s Gonna Get You!

Okay, I typed out the title of this post and immediately went to YouTube to watch the video again. (Did you click the link? She is rocking those leather pants. Makes me want to perm my hair again. )

Man, I miss Gloria Estefan’s Top40 songs…”The Rhythm’s Gonna Get You” “Conga” “Get on Your Feet” etc. She was such a huge part of the “sound” of my youth. I really need to add a Gloria Estefan folder to my Ipod. Remember her Olympics performance? No? I am humming “Reach” while I am typing now.

(Waits for Dad to tell his Gloria Estefan concert story in the comments…)

Anyway, this post is not about Gloria ( I love you, Gloria!!!!) but is about Corrigan (I love you, Corrigan!!!!!)

Corrigan is still a music lover. If it has a rhythm he will dance to the beat.  He used to just bounce a little and rarely move his feet.

Not any longer.

That was some frantic “dancing” eh? I think that he gets about 2cm of “air” at the 3 second mark.

Shame on me for replaying that Shrek scene for Corrigan over and over just so that I could grin at him as he stomped around the living room again and again. Can’t say he doesn’t get enough cardio exercise!

We should call The Miami Sound Machine and see if they have room for a 2-year old backup dancer.

You can watch all of the videos on our YouTube Channel here <—(click)

2 thoughts on “The Rhythm’s Gonna Get You!

  1. While attending a Gloria Estefan cocert at The WVU Coliseum, I was called out by Gloria for using my binoculars to gain a better viewing advantage of her decolletage.She did wear the tightest pants and very low cut tops.

    Sad note to her concert: That night her bus was stuck by a semi on the PA Turnpike. She suffered a broken back and took a year off to recover. I was quite the fan of Gloria and I DO have her on my I-Pod.


    • haha Dad, seriously on the binoculars? That is awesome. I thought I recalled that Mom got puked on by some teeny-bopper in the ladies room too!

      She really is an amazing performer. Thanks for sharing! loveyou~


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