Waterbender-Take Two

I love these kind of shots. They always remind me of The Last Airbender. Corrigan is our own little Aang (though Katara was the true water bender, right?)

Regardless, last year I got a shot of Corrigan “bending” the water that I really liked. I am not a fan, any longer, of the processing that I used but hey, it is fun to try new things once in awhile. This year, as soon as we got he okay from his GI Team to hit the lake, I knew I needed another water bending shot.

Corrigan at Rocky Gap in Allegany County Maryland…July 2010

Here are the two shots together…

He really has not changed all that much (aside from the “chunk” melting away a little bit) from June 2009 to July 2010. I suppose that because his protein is so limited that he will not be a 6’5″ dude like I think that his big brother is going to be. He really is my little man.

2 thoughts on “Waterbender-Take Two

  1. Corr sure loves his water, that’s for sure…*flashback to Connor’s birthday party*

    🙂 Happy Harry Potter’s Birthday btw!!

    Love you forever


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