August Storm

I love a good thunderstorm but it feels like the last few predicted storms have fizzled out long before they arrived on our street.

Last night, just as we were sitting down to dinner, the emergency alert came across the radio.  The National Weather Service was predicting dangerous storms and they were moving at 16mph right towards our house.

As we talked, laughed and chewed I looked up to see that the tops of the neighbor’s trees were dancing quite a bit from the wind. No sooner had I asked Connor to raise the blinds so that we could watch the storm roll in then all heck broke loose.

Dinner was left sitting on the table, unfinished, as Mark and Connor ran straight out into the wind.  Connor took two fistfuls of debris right in his face the moment he stepped onto the front porch.  He quickly turned back inside to grab some protective eye wear.

It was a strangely warm wind but it was fierce.  Things from three yards away were hitting the western side of our house.  We feared a repeat trampoline “flight” but thankfully the straps held it down tight.  The gusts were intense and it was pretty fun to watch.

Connor hardly stood a chance against the powerful wind gusts. It was hysterical to watch him try and not fly away like Dorothy’s house in the Wizard of Oz.

The wind was eventually followed by sheets of rain and lightning.  Everyone was quickly ushered back into the house until things settled down.  A little bit later, as I was washing dishes, the sky seemed oddly colored and I stepped onto the back porch to see the most lovely rainbow on the Eastern side of the property.

**Slight tangent…I love a good rainbow as much as anyone does but now that I have seen THIS video rainbows crack me up even more.  Ours was almost a double rainbow, we could see the faintest sister rainbow to the left of the main arc, but it never really materialized the way that we hoped. Regardless, Connor and I were dramatically yelling, “What does it MEAN?!?!?!” in the backyard. Uh, the neighbors know we are weird.

Humor me and watch the video. Dude loves rainbows. You will never see another rainbow and NOT think of this guy.

Sadly, a local woman was killed when a tree fell onto her as she was riding her bicycle on our local bike trail.  The storm came in so quickly, and if not near a radio she couldn’t have known what was about to hit. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. What a tragedy.

I do love a summer storm but they can be quite dangerous. It was fun to be excited about something though. We were all smiling and hearts were pumping. Even Corrigan was trying to get in on the storm action. Of course, he was less than thrilled that I would not let him out in the yard wearing nothing but a diaper and a feeding tube. I know, I know…I am a mean mommy. In the end we were left with a yard full of debris, a warmly lit western sky and some fun memories.

5 thoughts on “August Storm

  1. #1) I was so scared during this storm, it was outrageous! I was just getting off work at Auntie Anne’s and I sat down to rest my knee (which felt like someone cracked it with a sledgehammer) and was having chest pains, so I just sat down in the back of GNC, totally hijacking their big comfy chair. I ended up falling asleep in a ball in that chair hahaha. Funny story, but not the important part. I was driving home after the rain settled and couldn’t help but start quoting that man. “It’s so bright and vivid!” “COMPLETE double rainnbooow!” I had a real good laugh at that.

    #2) Have you seen the auto-tuned song version of that video!?

    #3) I love you 🙂



  2. Ay yi yi. That was the longest three minutes EVER. That guy! What a hoot! “What does it mean?? *bawl bawl sniff* ” hahahahahaha


    • Steph, I know…right? You will always cry out “What does it mean!?!?!?” when you see a rainbow from here until the day you die now!


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