It’s only hair, right??????

So, the theory was…someday I might need someone to donate a liver to Corrigan so donating hair should be a piece ‘o cake. I was tired of the long hair, it was getting in the way of everything and it was heavy. Plus, I almost always wore it twisted up and I would get terrible headaches from the weight of it all clipped to my head. Even worse, my hair was breaking all along the hairline from the weight of it as well.

I knew that I wanted bangs and I knew that I wanted the bulk of it gone.  Mark was not thrilled about the idea of cutting it all off but once he realized that I wanted to donate it to Locks of Love…what could he say? He was supportive (though you should have seen his face when I walked in the front door after getting it all whacked off! ha!) and I felt confident about it.

I just forgot that due to my round, fat face I should have made better choices on the style of the haircut.  What I ended up with highlighted the moon face instead of properly camouflaging it.

Yeah, I cried a bit when I got home. Turns out that I care more about hair than I previously thought. After a whiny-baby Facebook status update I am now, 5 hours later, over it. My hair grows really quickly.  The last 11 inches of hair grew in less than 15 months. I have photos of Corrigan at 9 months of age and my hair barely touched my shoulders. It will grow back and I hope that some little girl will be very happy with the wig that she receives that incorporates my hair.

(Photos by Monika Shaw…my personal paparazzi!)

In the meantime, I really like the way that the bangs look with my hair pulled back (though lets be honest, we can hardly call what I am able to gather a ponytail anymore!) and now, when it is all pinned up, it feels light as a feather!

We shall not discuss the silver hair that was flashing all over the salon today either.

I earned every single one of those puppies!

Much love!


5 thoughts on “It’s only hair, right??????

  1. I too have donated to Locks of Love. This last time…. I ended up with bald spots so we could get the requisite 12 inches. But that’s OK. I too came home not fully happy with it. Short doesn’t even begin to describe it. I kept saying I looked like a boy. It’s grown out some since. lol

    I keep scrolling and checking out the pics. Rest assured you look as gorgeous as ever.

    And I’m with you. (Although I have MUCH more “silver”, I earned every one of those strands) Just keep telling yourself silver is a beautiful color. It goes so well with blue. (your eyes)


  2. ok well my opinion maybe not be the most important but, i think it looks completely adorable! i like it a lot. and you did such a great thing donating it to locks of love so that makes it even better!


  3. Way behind on my reader so I just saw this but I could not let it pass without celebrating what you’ve done. You are absolutely wonderful for doing this. And what beautiful hair some lucky girl is going to get!


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