the shot that eludes me.

Swing shots are the bane of my photographer’s existence. I have had dozens of opportunities to get “the shot” but I can never get the one that I am looking for. Maybe it is because I am pushing Corrigan with one hand and trying to steady a big ‘ol camera with the other. Maybe it is because squatting, for a girl my size, is a lesson in gravity and the thought falling on my tush in front of ten hot soccer moms (that I went to school with and remember me when I was skinny and not so…balance challenged) does not inspire great photography.

Sometimes it is the background that ruins the shot. Sometimes it is that my settings are just way wrong and the result is just not crisp enough. Sometimes ( like last evening ) I just put it on the auto “sports” setting and let the camera make the magic. I check what settings the camera chooses and go from there.

I got kind of close yesterday. Some of the better shots had parts of his shoe cut off…and the one that I managed to get all of him in the frame was not really perfectly focused…but the background was acceptable and hey, the subject is super cute, right???

In case you were wondering…I do own more outfits for Corrigan than the one that he seems to be wearing in recent photos. Not many, but certainly more than the Mike and Ike shirt and plaid shorts. What can I say, I really like Corrigan in green.

(Corrigan acting all unaffected and casual about swinging so high)

(There ya go, a little more emotion. Thanks.)

(Seriously, prettiest boy ever. That angel hair, those eyes, the perfect lips…he melts me)

(This should have been a winner. Except it isn’t. It is overexposed and slightly out of focus)

So….I keep trying.  In the meantime, Corrigan gets in a lot of swing time and Mama gets a little more practice.  We both win.

As long as I don’t fall down!

3 thoughts on “the shot that eludes me.

  1. Hey Mindy,

    These are good. If you like them then they are keepers; I would anyway. Years from now you’ll look back upon these and smile and you’ll remember how you kept yourself from falling on your “tush” in capturing these moments… 🙂

    Those are the best memories…


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