1st day of home “preschool”

Almost everything that I need for Corrigan’s activities are in this trunk..

It is a very good thing that Corrigan can not work the latches on that bad boy (yet!) because I cannot imagine what damage he could do with three pounds of beans, a box of glitter and 400 pom-poms.

My plan was to start the day with some work in the Adaptive area of learning. This is the area that Corrigan scored the lowest on his yearly evaluation (12-14 months) and it relates to things like eating, drinking, toileting and doing things for himself. Self-feeding, using utensils, is non-existent in Corrigan’s world so working with a spoon was the big plan for the week.

Thankfully, Corrigan wants to grow up and do whatever his Daddy is doing so when Daddy eats oatmeal, so does Corrigan, only today we gave him his own spoon.

(click on photos to view larger)

Daddy might have been covered in oatmeal before he went to work and though he grumbled, I know he didn’t really mind.

We practiced some more with applesauce but Corrigan really just wanted to point out the number “two” to me on the side of the cup…

In my online research I noticed that a lot of the homeschool moms made use of everyday items for learning and recycled things for activities to encourage imaginative play. We had a big empty diaper box that we “pretended” was a garage for his cars.

All of Corrigan’s therapists have perfected the “car sound” and when they come over to “play” with Corrigan they utilize his love of cars into his therapy. Their awesome car impersonations far surpass my silly “vroom vroom” attempts and despite lots of practice I am still unable to make a good car engine sound…or properly make a horse sound. Seriously, “what does the horse say?” will be the death of me.

So with all of the imaginative play ambition, he really just wanted to do this with the box…

Poor imaginary drivers…I bet their coffee spilled from their travel cups when the earthquake hit.

Onward! We did puzzles…

It was fun. He did surprisingly well with this activity. However, the more that I think about it…teaching Corrigan to use every latch and lock imaginable might not be the best parenting decision of my life. (see previous comment about the storage trunk…and the fact that we live between an interstate in our backyard and a well-traveled rural road in the front!)

We also did some gross motor skill practice by riding on different toys to encourage him to learn how to motor on a riding toy using his legs. This has been a challenge area for Corrigan as he has not seemed to have been able to make the connection between how to work the car with his legs in order to move forward. Backward riding is easier for him for some reason but forward is an area we need to work on.

I have no idea how I am supposed to teach Corrigan about God and Jesus. If I am looking at him from a developmental age I would assume this would fall under cognitive and he only lands in the 16 months range on paper. So we just listen to our Bible song cd each day, read his Bible story books, watch Veggie Tales movies and practice saying “Grace” with each meal. He still folds his hands in prayer and says, “Ayyyyyy-MEN!” at mealtime. My mom showed him how to say, “I Love Jesus” in sign language so we are working on that as well.

I suppose that reading Bible stories makes Corrigan hungry…or aggressive…either way he decided to walk around the house with his book in one hand and gnawing on his blankie.

The biggest mess of the day came with the sensory activity that I set up with scooping implements and some navy beans. Corrigan used to have a really big aversion to multiple quantities of small items. Strange, I know…but he could handle two Cheerios but if you gave him a bowl full he would freak out. He has improved in that area on his own, over time, but we still try and work with him in touching different textures and getting his hands nice and dirty when possible.

I got exactly three shots, one of which was completely blurry because I was yelling, “NOOOOOOOO!!!!!” as he tossed two giant handfuls of beans across the room. I am certain that I will be finding navy beans in odd places until the day we move out.

For our Art activity I decided to go with chalk. Corrigan is still struggling with the concept of coloring and smaller crayons frustrate him. I had hoped that chalk would help him understand the idea of “coloring” and improve those fine motor skills as well as spark creativity.
He liked to roll them a lot. They did look pretty neat when we rolled them back and forth to each other. Kind of like the old twisty Barbershop poles from long ago. (Do they still have those or did they disappear like payphones?)   When Corrigan discovered that dropping the chalk sticks made them break into smaller pieces, well….we didn’t have full pieces of chalk for very long.

Click on the next photo to view larger. It’s worth it.

The chalk activity was the last thing I had planned for the afternoon and it was a good thing too…

He was pooped.

I felt the same way. Thankfully there was no one around to snap a before and after photo of me for the day but I did grab one of Corrigan. Mommy’s preschool is exhausting…

I know, kid. I know. Mommy is sorry. We will go easier from here on out.
If you want to see any of the photos fullsize from the above collages, or see some others that I just couldn’t fit into one post without boring you to death,  you can view the entire set over on my Flickr page here!

4 thoughts on “1st day of home “preschool”

  1. Mindy,
    Looks like he had fun! Would you be interested in flannelgraph/teaching pictures? The church has been saving the leftover curriculum and it starts repeating now. I could get you a set of flannelgraph for about 104 Bible stories and maybe a paper for Corrigan to color to go with each story.


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