What a team!

It is a great blessing that everyone in the house is as focused on Corrigan’s developmental improvements as I am. Okay, so maybe not as focused as I am…they do have full-time jobs (work and school) to handle…but when they are around they jump in as best as they can.

Mark has done a wonderful job working with Corrigan each and every single morning on his utensil/eating skills. If you would have asked me, 6 months ago, if Corrigan would eat oatmeal (strange texture, bland taste etc.) let alone using a spoon to do so, I would have stared at you blankly. No way. Unbelievable.  But he eats it now and actually jumps up in his chair, beside Daddy, and waits for Mark to put the bowl on the table.  They are a breakfast team and it is so fun to watch each morning.

(Evening light pouring through the blinds leaving stripes on Corrigan’s head)

Daddy also lets Corrigan explore his guitar every evening, despite a few bumps and dings from Corrigan’s attempts, and he never gets frustrated when, mid-song, Corrigan will run over and start trying to strum the strings.  He says that they are “jamming buddies”.

Looks like they are turning into coloring buddies too…

Connor has picked up on the little activities that we do with Corrigan to improve certain skills and he knows that his brother loves bubbles so he likes to use those with Corrigan.  I have found the two of them playing together a lot recently. Connor has single-handedly taught Corrigan the give-and-take of “catch” and while Corrigan doesn’t always manage to “catch” he laughs hysterically when the ball hits him in the face or head and that makes Connor laugh too. And you should see those two goofballs out on the trampoline!  I always wondered if there would be a time that they would actually “play” together considering the age difference…let alone throwing in the developmental delay stuff but it is finally happening!

(Finally found those “squeeze” bubbles at Toys R us in the clearance basket. $1.99 y’all!)

(Daddy popping bubbles with crayons…good hand eye coordination practice…for Corrigan, not Mark..though maybe he needs to practice too, I don’t really know!)

It has been really cool to watch these relationships develop between Corrigan and his Daddy and brother.  He has kind of been “stuck” with me this entire time, he has had no choice but to be my pal…but I love that he is finally seeking out time with Mark and Connor and that those moments are actual meaningful interactions. It helps when the person you are interacting with acknowledges your presence and makes a little eye-contact. So cool that Corrigan is figuring this out!

(Totally concentrating on what Daddy is showing him)

Corrigan is a lucky little boy to have three people in his life that are absolute fans of every single thing that he does but I really think that we are pretty darn lucky to have each other!! The two M’s and the two C’s…forever Mooney=MC2!

Your comments are appreciated!

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