sicks days

These two…

…have kept me hopping these last two days.

Yesterday morning I was startled to hear someone rattling around the doorknob of the front door.  Before I could gather my wits to determine which course of deadly force I was going to have to use on whatever was about to walk through my door uninvited, Mark walked in. Or rather stumbled in.

Poor guy was in some severe pain from a kidney stone.  He is no stranger to passing kidney stones but it never gets easier to handle the amount of pain involved when one of these sharp little stinkers heads out of the kidney towards freedom.   I think that, as a woman, it is the closest thing that I will ever come to knowing how partner feels when their loved one is in labor. There is nothing I can do but rub his back and pray that it passes quickly.

He was managing his pain pretty well, all things considered, with medication and fluids but he looked like death and could hardly move around. When a kidney stone strikes it steals the power from his legs, causes profuse sweating and nausea. Waves and waves of pain without the cute little baby at the end to make it all seem worthwhile.

I feel awful for him.

Then there is Mr. Corrigan.  He has decided that, most days, naps are for losers.  Yesterday morning he was up before 5am and by noon was miserable from being so tired. He had a very successful therapy session that wore him out but he was not willing to rest. He fought my attempts to put him down at lunchtime and again each and every try until around 3pm.

At 3pm I exclaimed, “VICTORY!” as I peeked around his bedroom door and saw him snoozing away.  After tying up some laundry loose-ends I decided that I needed some rest too so I slipped into Connor’s bed in the same room that Corrigan was sleeping.

Not ten minutes after I put my head on the pillow I heard Corrigan whimpering in his sleep. I sat up to see what he was doing and noticed that he was beginning to flail his arms a bit and was scrunching his closed eyes up tighter.  I went over to see if I could help and he woke and my, oh my, was he angry at me.  He kicked, and screamed and basically rolled around like something was killing him.  I tried to cuddle him, searched all over to see if something was poking him or sore.  He refused to stop screaming and his cries were so pathetic and not like anything that he normally comes up with during the course of the day. He was drenched in sweat.

My first thought? Is Corrigan passing a kidney stone too? Sheesh.

We got him out of bed and put him in the bathtub. He loves a bath. I can’t honestly think of anything else that makes him happier than being allowed to play in water.  We ran the water, undressed him and placed him in the tub and he flipped OUT. He reacted as if the water was 4000 degrees. He clamored up the wall of the tub and slipped so quickly out onto the floor that I barely caught him before he hurt himself. He was inconsolable.

He was hitting his face with his hand and even when we brought him out to the living room he would not stop crying.  He rolled and rolled on the floor as if he were in agony. Fearful that his ammonia was high and causing severe headache, I raced to change my clothes and get his hospital bags together.

When I came out to put shoes on Corrigan’s feet I noticed that he seemed to be calming down and when he saw that I had shoes in my hands, he got even more noticeably calm.  I was confused as to what was going on. How could he be writhing in pain one minute and ready to go shopping (he thought) the next?

When we got outside to walk to the car he took off running through the yard, squealing with laughter.  He was so happy to be outside and didn’t seem to be in any pain at all. But I just saw him suffer from something for nearly 30 minutes…what in the world?

Mark came outside and saw that he was running and seemed fine and agreed that maybe we would wait on the ER trip. I decided that because he will not keep his hands out of his mouth, was slapping his cheeks earlier during his “fit” and has had nearly zero appetite for food this past week that I would just go ahead and take him to the pediatrician for a walk-in strep test. Just in case.

It came back negative and Mr. Corrigan charmed the pants off of everyone sitting in the waiting room.  He was 100% fine. So strange.

We grabbed some lunch and came back home.

After doing some Google doctoring, I think that he had a night terror (in the daytime, obviously) because the way that he was acting is nearly symptom for symptom for this problem.  Connor, especially when he was little, had terrible nightmares but never acted so strangely…nor so violently.  It seems as if this is pretty typical for this age and for boys. He was also super overtired which contributes to those prone to terrors.

I hope that I never see another one again.


Today Mark seems slightly better but still in real pain. He took today off as well to try and recover some of his energy but the pain still keeps knocking him off of his feet.  Because his urine flow does not seemed blocked and because he had been through this many times before he has decided to wait this one out at home. A trip to the ER may still be in his future but I pray that he can pass this stone sometime this evening and feel better very soon.

Corrigan seems to know that something is up with Daddy. He has been hanging out with him on the couch both yesterday and today and with the help of the Baby Einstein iPhone app they are getting in some nice snuggle time.

The photo above was yesterday when Mark’s pain was the worst ( I can see it in his face in the photo ) and Corrigan was being so sweet.

Here they are this morning. Both feeling a little better (Corrigan slept through the night-9:30-7:30-booyah!) they are now able to watch Baby Einstein while being upright.

If the adoring look that Corrigan is giving Mark is not the cure for all pain, then I don’t know what is.

I am hopeful that tomorrow will be better for everyone, especially Mark.  To see him suffer like this makes my stomach sick and my heart hurt.

Be well!


One thought on “sicks days

  1. Oh man! I really hope that Mark feels better soon!! Also, as I was reading the post, I was like NIGHT TERROR!!! Mehreen had them!! They go away, but they FREAKED me out the first time it happened!! It was like she was possessed. No consolation would do. And it would happen a couple of nights a week for a couple of months. They don’t happen anymore though.


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