Uncle Matt and Corrigan

Corrigan typically warms up the fastest to women.  He really has no “stranger danger” so it is not that he avoids men or anything but he seems to save the biggest grins for the ladies.

Last weekend, my sister and her family came up for the weekend and Corrigan found himself smitten with Uncle Matt.  Corrigan was trying out all of his “tricks” to try and break Matt’s concentration during a yard game that the adults were playing and he was delighted when he stopped tossing washers and played ball with him.

(Look at me, Uncle! You don’t want to play that game. Play with me!)

This was also the very first time that Corrigan played in the yard like a “typical” kid. Usually, Corrigan will not stay in the yard and, instead, walks back and forth between cars in the driveway, obsessively pointing out numbers on the license plates over and over and over and over…and over. It is so tedious to be outdoors and spending all of our time in the driveway instead of the big backyard.

What a treat the afternoon was watching him play just like any other little boy.

Uncle Matt blew Corrigan’s mind by throwing the balls as high as he could and then catching them.

Throw it again, Uncle Matt!!

He caught it again. See?  Corrigan’s mind=BLOWN!

Here. You try Corrigan…

(love the “tongue of concentration”)

Corrigan took the opportunity to make Uncle Matt give chase. We need to teach Cor to lookahead when running. ha!

I am so thankful for each of the men in Corrigan’s life.  From his amazing Daddy, to his brother, his Uncles and his Grandfathers…they all will bring something unique to Corrigan’s life. I have no doubt that they will all continue to see Corrigan as a unique blessing and impart of of their wisdom and skills patiently to him as time goes on.  Both of my boys are so lucky to have great men in their lives.

Though I think that it is pretty obvious which man Corrigan idolized last weekend.

It was great to have you back in town, Matt. It was way too long since the last time. Can’t wait to do it again!

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