an antique power wheels toy

On Connor’s 1st Birthday (July 11, 1998) his “big” gift was a Power Wheels 4 Wheeler.  It was pretty neat because it not only ran independently on battery power but it also came with a base that we could snap the 4 wheeler on and it would run in place. Kind of like one of those coin-operated race cars outside of grocery stores.

We have moved twice since Connor’s 1st birthday and we somehow managed to drag that little Power Wheels vehicle along with us.  We have been living at our current location for a decade now and over time I lost track of the 4 wheeler and actually thought that we sold it, along with all of Connor’s baby stuff,  in a yard sale about 2 years after we moved in here.

One day I decided to face the filth and head down to the basement to see if it was still around and if I could clean it up and get it running.  I found it (but not the base. bummer) buried beneath tons of junk beneath the stairs.  The battery was corroded and dead.  I was hopeful that I could purchase a new battery and carefully scrubbed it clean.

I found a battery and charger kit at Walmart and for $30.00 I had a brand “new” toy for Corrigan to enjoy.

It has been a few months now since I first got it in running condition and Corrigan is still unable to operate the vehicle on his own.  It is kind of frustrating because he can manipulate buttons on other toys with no problem but then on other items, like the electric keyboard power button and the one on the 4 wheeler, he simply cannot grasp the concept.  Actually, I do not know if he doesn’t understand how to do it or if he just isn’t interested. You can never tell with Corrigan.

Still, how is he going to learn if we do not drag it out for him once in a while? The weather has been so beautiful the last 4-5 days and we have spent a lot of time in the backyard enjoying the last of the mild weather and Corrigan has been getting more and more comfortable with Connor’s old toy.  He still hasn’t really managed to make it run but he now comfortably sits on it (willingly!) and enjoys fiddling with every other button on the thing.

Looks pretty good for being around 12 years, doesn’t it?  (the 4-wheeler, not Connor…though he is growing up to be a fine specimen, eh?)

Have a great weekend! Get out and make some memories!


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