it’s been such a long time!

Whew! My computer is back and up and running smoothly.  I did not lose any of my files and as far as I can tell, they must have waved a magic wand or something because everything is moving super fast again.  I am so happy!

It was strange to be away from the blog for so long, it felt like I had this big list of things to blog about while the computer was in the shop, but now that I am back online I cannot think of any of them. Oh well.  It’ll come to be eventually.

I was thinking of participating in NaBloPoMo again this year. I did it last year (posting each day for the entire month of November) and it was a good experience. NaBloPoMo used to be the month of November but now they do it monthly but I always think of November as the time to really stick to it. I think it really kicked in my desire to document more of our life, it was a nice habit to get into (except weekend blogging, not my favorite thing to do) and even family would email me to remind me that I had not posted that day yet so it was nice to 1) know that people were reading and 2) that they wanted me to succeed.  I am going to go for it. But in a casual way. In other words, if it works out, great…if it does not I am not going to beat myself up about it.

How fortunate that I got my computer back on November 1st eh? (thanks Roy!!!)

So how are things? Well, currently kind of not good.  Halloween was yet another holiday that Corrigan spent in a hospital instead of celebrating but what can you do? He did not seem “well” all weekend.  Extra naps in the daytime always freak me out, we all know that Corrigan is not a sleeper let alone a napper, and when he was awake he was wobbly and prone to just laying wherever he was and not moving.

We took him in and by the time we got there he looked pretty pathetic.  Thank goodness his ammonia came back a solid 37 but his iron has tanked again so he is anemic and his blood sugar was low.  His tonsils are also enlarged which might explain why he grimaced when he swallowed all day Sunday but even though his ears looked “a little pink” the doc did not think they were from an ear infection. Most likely they were pink from the ear splitting screaming that he blessed us with from the moment we rolled back into the ER.  The kid is smart. He knows what people wearing hospital scrubs means and since we were just there, on Friday, to have his medi-port flushed (scheduled, no biggie) he knew what was coming.

Basically, the little pickle was just wiped out.  They sent us home with instructions to have him seen by his pediatrician or an ENT and that was that.  We made a quick stop at the convenience store on the way home (it was late) and grabbed some cold subs and french fries.  Corrigan gobbled up lots of fries, scarfed down a big container of drinkable yogurt and was looking better by the time we got him to bed.

He slept 11 hours (shut up!) and woke in a much better mood though he is still white as a sheet and has really dark circles under his eyes. His limited diet and rock bottom amounts of sleep have just caught up with him.  We do not have a scheduled appointment at Johns Hopkins until the 17th of this month but if the car gets out of the shop sooner than that (it had better, its been two weeks, new engine though, sweet!) I am going to call and get him in sooner.

I have been telling Mark that I have felt uncomfortable with this much time between appointments (it’ll be 3 months come appointment day) because I can see that Corrigan is growing because his pants are shorter and his tummy is flattening.  His protein/medicine needs must need adjusting by now and I want to get to Baltimore ASAP.  I will let them know that I do not want this much time between appointments again.  Two months is plenty of time between appointments.  They are really cool about doing things the way that make us feel comfortable though and will absolutely do whatever we feel works for our family and our comfort level.

In other news, Mark is sick as a dog too.  He started to get an annoying cough last week, after Corrigan had his cold, and it became exacerbated by the air quality issues at work and now he is in bad lung shape.  In fact, he is so sick that I asked him to check himself in at the ER last night while we were there.  His lungs are on fire and when he is resting I can hear him wheezing as he breathes.  He coughs with such force, it startles us all, and he is damaging his lungs when he is racked by a coughing fit.  He most certainly has bronchitis and I worry it’ll turn to pneumonia if he doesn’t get checked out.

Connor and I are holding strong. I do not feel even the slightest bit sick and the 10 hours of sleep that I got last night have me on a cleaning frenzy today. I feel like a million bucks for once! Connor is growing so quickly it is hard to keep up! He needs new shoes and new clothes and a haircut too!  He is looking more and more like a teenager all of the time and it blows my mind.

That is all for now.  Feel free to check back daily to see if I am able to stick to NaBloPoMo!


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