Purple Mountains Majesty

For weeks Mark was telling me about the beautiful sunrises that he was witnessing each morning on his way up the mountain to work.   I often get to watch the transition from the dark of night to the dawn of the morning but only sleepily from the couch because Corrigan has been awake for hours and only through the slats in the window blinds.  I have never had the blessing of witnessing one from a mountain ridge.

I asked Mark if he would be willing to take my camera along with him to work one morning and grab some shots of the rising sun since we would soon be turning back the clocks and he would not catch a sunrise again for awhile.

Here are the beautiful photos that I found on my memory card when I was finally able to bring them up on my computer after getting it repaired.

I think that he did a wonderful job. What do you think?

With each sunrise we start anew…

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Purple Mountains Majesty

    • He did a really nice job, didn’t he? He said that the wind was blowing so badly on the ridge that morning that he could barely hold the camera up steadily to shoot!


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