a recent memory

I am under the gun here to get my Saturday (day 6 of NaBloPoMo) post in.  Today was just…busy.  I am exhausted. My foot pain is back in full force, my back needs cracked and I feel pretty grumpy.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Until then, this photo makes me smile.

It was not long ago that it was still warm enough to play in the grass.  My two boys at the top of a little hill…just hanging out.

I feel better already.


2 thoughts on “a recent memory

  1. Mindy… I cried reading your story, and the journey you and your family have taken… I am so thankful to have come across your blog… I am currently writing this in the HSC hospital where my 23 day old son is laid up for the time being… Evereything you have gone through is the nightmare that I have been living.

    Oliver’s ammonia levels reached 1500 and the doctors advised he was already too far gone to further assist… My husband and I have never bribed, begged or bargained for anything so hard.. And through our prayers we were heard. Our little survivor began initiating his own breathing…

    My heart and my soul go out to you and yours… If I may ask to keep in touch with you… My curiosity is piqued to know what has become of your little one, and how he is progressing…

    To have someone who has gone through the motions is more than one can ask for. We live in Canada and there are no foundations or sites that can assist with our questions and curiosity… As you stated… Google is a terrible reference and scary to say nonetheless..

    I look forward to touching base with you… Interesting enough I plan to start my own blog… I’ve recorded everything in a journal as well and hope to bring some insight to those who may be experiencing the same pain…

    I wish I could hug you… You have no idea what comfort you have brought to me at this time… I hope to connect with you soon. Xo

    Kindest regards
    Kathy Pasveer


    • Kathy,
      What a wonderful comment ( I will email you at the address that you left or feel free to email me at mindy411@hotmail.com <–anytime at all!) What an incredible blessing that your little boy is still here, I am sure that he is in very capable hands. It touches my heart that you found comfort in this blog. I started out just documenting everything for friends and family that wanted to know what was happening during a time when it was too sad (and tedious) to make individual phone calls. It turned into an outlet that I desperately need and a wonderful way to connect with other families that are traveling the same road. I am certainly not an expert but we all bring knowledge from our life experiences and I am always hopeful that this blog will bring something positive to someone. HOPE is a great thing to strive for and I surely know that seeing Corrigan growing and living vibrantly gives other HOPE just like seeing another little boy with the same condition lifted our spirits when we were told what our new lives would become.

      The National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation (NUCDF) is based in California but absolutely reaches out to families across the globe. Our mission knows no territorial boundaries and I know that Cynthia Le Mons, at the Foundation, would be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you might have. She is a wonderful resource for families that are just starting the journey. Please stop by here http://www.nucdf.org/ to learn more.

      Again, thank you for your comment. Please contact me anytime. I mean that. Oh, and when you start your blog let me know. I will gladly "follow" you (and I am a great and loyal commenter too!) and add you to my UCD family blogroll. You would be surprised how many times those blogs get "hit" each day by people that read and never say anything at all. There are hundreds of us out there looking for ANYTHING to connect with in regards to this disorder and if you blog your story you will contribute to the community in immeasurable ways.

      With a full heart and good wishes,


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