Before I had kids I would daydream about what it would all be like. When I imagined the cutest parts of being a Mommy, I often imagined green velvet dresses with white faux fur mufflers…tiny black patent leather shoes slipped over white knitted tights.   I dreamed of pink ruffled underwear and impossibly small bows “glued” to tiny pigtails with Karo syrup.

My reality is that darling little dresses and ruffled underwear are things that I will not be purchasing unless my sons give me Granddaughters someday…but that doesn’t mean that I am not surrounded by heart-melting amounts of “cute” everyday.

I do not think that there is anything cuter than a little boy in footie pajamas.

I love that these jammies make him look tall and skinny and make his head look to big for his body. A tiny toddler lollipop running around the house, chasing bubbles and making intricate shapes with his fingers.

(Hey Mom, whatcha doing down there on the floor with your camera?)

These days I cannot imagine raising a daughter. When we visit a toy store, or the toy department at Target, we never go down the Princess and doll aisles.  I have no idea what career Barbie has right now, or what special “tricks” the doll babies can do.

I do know about Lightning McQueen and Thomas the Tank Engine.  I buy foam darts for Nerf guns that are bigger than my leg and can tell you exactly how badly it hurts to step on an arm from a Bionicle robot.  I am surrounded by everything boy but I am also surrounded in cuteness…without a bit of pink in sight…and I love it.

Hope that you had a wonderful weekend!


5 thoughts on “cute.

  1. SWEET!! I always dreamed of being a mom one day. I also dreamed of having little girls. I had 3 boys in a row and I never thought life could get any better. But, then SURPRISE… along came Abbey and her pink parade!!


  2. Awww. We spent our evening playing with bubbles too. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a long winter with it getting dark by 5:30 an it freezing outside!

    Corrigan looks super adorable in his footed pajamas. All of Lynlee’s have little holes in them so we can run her hook up out of them!


    • I just unzip him at night and hook him up. He sleeps so soundly the first four hours of his night (which is his ENTIRE night, so he must REALLY get everything he needs out of it!) that he hardly rolls at all so it works for now. Everything I have cut holes in, for the tube, after a few washes just ravels and looks a mess. Too bad I don’t know how to do a good stitch or something around the edges!


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