The Great Big Wishlist Giveaway:

Do you have a child with special medical and/or developmental needs?  There is a wonderful community that you might be missing out on over at Support for Special Needs!

This from the founders of

“Special Needs: It’s an all encompassing label, yet we let a diagnosis divide us among this powerful group of advocates and caregivers into categories of rare and not-so-rare diseases, genetic conditions, developmental delays and the unexplained afflictions. We have more in common than separates us and Support for Special Needs is the community that offers a chance to exchange wisdom and ideas among one of the most powerful group of people we know. Join us as we learn from each other about how to help our kids and ourselves.”

I am a member of some really informative and friendly groups on the board like “Speech and Hearing Delays” and “Caregiver Stress.”  There are groups for almost anything that you can think of and if there is not a group that meets your needs…why not join and make one?

Need another reason to come over and introduce yourself? How about more than 70 fun reasons to join?  Support for Special Needs has a great giveaway taking place called The Great Big Wishlist Giveaway and it is a doozy! Over 70 toys and gifts are up for grabs!

This week the team at Support For Special Needs are giving away TWO of these cuties every single day…

(RODYs in the giveaway are the color shown above)

According to the manufacturer:

Gymnic Line’s Rody Horse, a favorite with children to learn balancing and coordination while hopping on their Rody. (Base is available for transforming to a Rocking Rody Horse). Used in Therapy for special needs children due to its softness and ride-on qualities. Made of super strong, latex-free vinyl, inflates according to size and weight of child with a hand or foot pump. Maximum inflated height to “saddle” is 12 inches. Recommended for 3 years and up, with adult supervision.

I have also learned that Rody can support up to 300lbs so I think that even the adults might find themselves bouncing around on Rody too!

You know who could use a RODY? Mark Corrigan could!

(The kid has energy to power ten RODYs!)

You can learn more about Gymnic’s RODY’s by clicking here.

You can enter as many giveaways during The Great Big Wish Giveaway as you want and here is a taste of what is coming up..

November 15th: Etsy artisans share their work with you
November 16th: Wild Republic
November 17th: Therapy Shoppe
November 18th: Wild! Science
November 19th: Spin Master
November 20th: Gymnic
November 22nd: Schleich
November 23rd: Roylco
November 24th: Aroma Ridge Coffee

and many more..

You have nothing to lose by stopping over…in fact, stopping over might make you a winner!

I hope that you will find Support For Special Needs a valuable resource of friendship and knowledge for whatever “special” journey you are on.

See you there!


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