baby steps.

This little cutie…

…said his first sentence this week.

He will be 2 1/2 at the end of this month.

He pointed to my drink and then his mouth and said, “Coke Eat!” and then nervously clapped his hands.

All drinks are “Coke” to Corrigan, which is odd because we do not allow him to drink soda because of his (former) ulcer.  He gets “drink” and “eat” mixed up.

He rarely speaks single words and when he does it is often just to mimic what we are saying not because he understands the meaning of the words that he uses, so “Coke eat!” is worth mentioning.  Judging by the clanking of utensils as all three of us dropped our forks and began clapping and cheering, we all simultaneously recognized the important moment at the same time.  Long after Corrigan took his swallow of iced tea and ran off to play, the three of us were smiling and saying things like, “Remember how cute it was when Corrigan said Coke Eat?” and then taking a bite of food and chewing with a goofy smile on our faces.

Man, we all adore that kid.

It is all about baby steps. It is not about what Corrigan can’t do. It is about cheering him on, even if we startle him with our enthusiastic responses to his successes, so that there is no doubt to Little C that we are his biggest fans.


Best thing I have heard all week.


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