Corrigan and Mammaw-November 2010

Corrigan loves a lot of people and when any of his favorite people stop by to visit it always amuses me to watch how he reacts when they first walk in the door.  He has different reactions for different people but the one that he has when he sees his Mammaw (my mom) is the funniest.

Mom had called to let me know that she was stopping over and if I were thinking I would have video taped Corrigan’s reaction to seeing his Mammaw.  Shame on me because it was adorable.  I opened the main door a few minutes before she came by and Corrigan was looking out of the storm door when she pulled in.  I can only assume that he comprehends which car is his Mammaw’s because the moment she pulled into the driveway he began his “Mammaw dance.”

There is no way my words can adequately explain the reaction that seeing Mammaw brings out in Corrigan but there is a lot of foot stomping, especially the right one, hand clapping and he breathlessly repeats the word, “okay” over and over again.

It is like he is psyching himself up for the big game.

My mom is the Grandma that plays basketball with the boys, jumps crazily on the trampoline and will run around the yard with Corrigan for hours even though her heart is not working well and she very well knows that she shouldn’t.

She got some yucky results from her heart sonogram on Monday but refuses to wallow in worry. She blithtly (and honestly, it is disconcerting)  talks about “when she dies” scenarios like funeral planning and then puts on her tennis shoes and goes outside to play like she has the heart of an 18 year old.


If there is one word to describe my mom it is “energy” and Corrigan reacts to that energy in such delightful ways.  He becomes so animated around Mammaw and the length of eye-contact that he maintains with her is amazing (and honestly, makes me jealous-ha!)

He simply loves her and it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

The two of them love playing in the leaves.  There are not too many in the yard right now but they had fun anyway.

Want to see how much Corrigan has changed since playing in the leaves with Mammaw last November? Sure ya do…click here to see last year’s post.

See how Corrigan watches her so intently? I do not know what they were talking about here but they do “talk” together.  Not a soul on Earth understands what they are saying but it is most definitely conversation!

At Corrigan’s appointment last week he measured 35.5 inches tall.  Almost 3 feet tall (Go Corrigan!) but still only in the 10-25th percentile on the doctor’s charts. My mom is 4 foot 10.5 inches tall.  Seeing them side-by-side cracks me up.  I think that by next Christmas, Corrigan and Mammaw will be wearing the same size shirts.

I do not have “portrait-like” shots of my mom. I do not know why. Probably because when she comes over she never stops moving but yesterday she humored me to sit for a few frames.  I was not really prepared to take anything other than snapshots though.  That is why the color on these are all over the place.  No reflectors, forgot to custom white balance and I didn’t pay anything attention to the dappled light that was coming through the trees.  I could kick myself for not being on my game but I still love the following two shots anyway.

…and “they” say that redheads should not wear pink. Pfffttttt.  They (whoever “they” are) would probably also say that women over the age of, oh…say age 12, should not wear jeans with embroidered rainbows, hearts and peace signs either but she doesn’t listen.

She wears what she likes and colors her hair the shade of red that matches her mood.   After her Monday appointment she went with a shade that boosted her spirits, slapped on those jeans from the girls department and came over full of smiles and hugs.

I wish that I had her spirit.

Corrigan was in such a good mood from his visit with Mammaw that he actually sat for a few shots for me. And with eye contact!!! shut UP!

Okay fine. He was really looking at Mammaw who was behind me to my left.  It counts.

But this one?

I worked hard for this one and I count it among life’s greatest victories. ha!

I hope that you all have wonderful weekends! Go out and make some memories!


3 thoughts on “Corrigan and Mammaw-November 2010

  1. What a wonderful display of family and love of a grandmother and grandson. Corrigan’s eyes are lite up the whole time he is with her it seems and seeing it first hand how your Mother is more like the energizer bunny with Corrigan I think it is great. So what if she has a bad heart at least she is doing what she loves to do before she does go and that is help Corrigan socialize and have a special relationship with his grandmother that is true and loving.
    I hope one day you can use your little video recorder and video tape his little dance and little “okay, Okay, Okay,” before she comes over that would be so adorable.

    Don’t let that make you feel slighted in the least Mindy because when it comes to needing somethngor feeling bad I am sure he would seek out only you MOM.
    So, no one can replace MOM no one. She just has a special place in his heart just like Pap does 🙂 Well love you too!!!


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