ewww that smell….

For about two weeks I have been catching a whiff, here and there, of something disgusting.  At first the odor was faint and I could not really nail down what part of the main living area it was coming from.  Then it got cold enough to turn on the heat (we use electric baseboard heat) and the odor really started to ripen.

I did what any mom would do, I began sniffing everything.  I am not afraid to sniff toddler jeans, with the toddlers still wearing them, to ascertain if it is diaper change time or not…and I have been known to sniff a tshirt or two to see if they really need washing or not but I knew good and well that the odor that I was trying to sniff out was going to knock me on my butt when I found it.

Only I couldn’t find it.

I knew the general vicinity and Mark and I theorized that maybe Corrigan spilled some of his formula (made with goat milk base, natch) over near the corner where his toys are and that was what was so smelly.  Over the course of a few days I pulled out each and every toy, gave it a good sniff and wiped each down with a Lysol wipe.

Because it is so crucial that I keep an eagle eye on Corrigan’s bottle contents I only keep four in rotation. That way one cannot go into hiding under the couch for months and months until it curdled and I know what he has finished or not by doing bottle “head counts” as frequently as any preschool teacher on a school field trip.

By Sunday the odor was so offensive that no amount of scented candles burning in the world, nor any amount of open windows, was helping things so we ended up having to move furniture. Big. Heavy. Furniture.

We have long run out of room to store things in this little house.  I only have one drawer in my kitchen ( I know! right?!?!?!) and one closet other than the tiny ones in the bedrooms so we have to get creative with our storage. Often we spend more money than we should on plastic storage boxes that we can stash under beds, under couches and beside tall pieces of furniture.

As we moved the computer armoire out from the wall there were several storage containers stacked against the wall and one by one I moved them out from the wall in anticipation of finding a dead mouse in the corner or something but it became pretty clear that the smell had suddenly moved from the wall/corner to the center of the living room.

In the stack of storage containers.

oh dear.

Mark was the brave one, God love him, and he started sniffing containers.  Second box into his sniff test and he threw it across the floor.  I cautiously approached the box and peered into its clear bottom to see what was in there that could be killing us with its scent.



swollen, cracked and leaking.

Holy mother of pearl, it was unbelievable.

(Corrigan models the look on all of our faces when the culprit was discovered)

Someone had generously passed along some stuff for Corrigan that I was not yet ready to use (but very thankful to have for future use) and some farm fresh eggs. Only *I* am an idiot and did not realize that there were eggs in the container. I do not know what I was thinking!  Maybe someone told me the eggs were in there and I forgot?  Maybe I thought that the egg containers were just holding the little pieces to the set of items that were sent over to us?  Maybe I need to be smacked upside my head?

I just want to clarify this to you.

I started teaching Corrigan preschool in SEPTEMBER.

This box was dropped off on my porch in SEPTEMBER.

It is now NOVEMBER.  Mid-way through.



You wanna come over to my house? Smells like pumpkin candle and Lysol-scented rotten eggs around here. It’s AWESOME!

and just because I know you need something to clear your head of the stench that this blog post brought to your mind I leave you with Mr. Corrigan.

Sharing with us his favorite phrase…

7 thoughts on “ewww that smell….

  1. Oh No! That has to be terrible! I would have been like you and been smelling everything!

    And could have the video of Corrigan been any cuter? Lynlee was sitting on my lap as I was watching it, and she was talking back to him! Super cute!


  2. Yuck! That must have been a horrible smell!!

    Just to continue the grossness… Our toddler is a vomiter. Over the past year, she has vomited probably gallons of Elecare in this house (over 17 ounces a day for the longest), on our carpet, on our beds etc… One day when I was taking a shower I saw her spit up a little over by some paper products. I got out and forgot to check on it. Later on I checked but did not see anything and decided it was indeed just a little spit up and not a full vomit of 4 ounces or so and that it must have evaporated. Then to my surprise a long time later (weeks I don’t know) I was deep cleaning and got to those paper products and discovered that it had been a full blown vomit mess and it had leaked under the container that was holding the paper products and soaked into the paper. It was absolutely disgusting and the worst part of all was that there were little magets or something that had developed. I was so disgusted!! Please don’t think we are weird. We have a very clean house except for this one incident.


    • Jennifer, when you got to “maggots” I just started laughing so hard because I mean, talk about insult to injury. Nothing we ever have to clean up is easy, is it? lol. Makes all of the pooping in the tub that Corrigan does seem sanitary.


  3. Oh dear! I have had to hunt down old milk cups (and found a few that would have made beautiful peniccilin projects!!) but I have never lost eggs. Here’s wishing you a less smelly house VERY soon!



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