she types with her eyes half-closed

I am going to have to be a cheater (“cheater, cheater, pumpking eater!”) and do a photo post again tonight. I am 18 for 18 on NaBloPoMo and I don’t want to skip a day but things have been…low…around our house (and in my head, to be honest) lately and I do not really have the energy for anything more than a brief check-in here, collect my foil star sticker and wish that the prune juice in the fridge was actually wine.

After realizing that Corrigan had been wearing his Frosted Flakes shirt in two recent posts, I wanted to see how many different times I photographed Corrigan in the same shirt and yeah, it seems that the kid only owns about 4 shirts.  Oh well, he only leaves the house 5 times a month. That’s only one repeat.

The blue shirt tied with the green shirt.  Both I purchased at Walmart, along with an orange one too, for $4.00 a piece.


I am really going to regret not buying the 4 or 5T for next summer. I almost always buy two sizes up if it is a really good price.

I will probably have more to say tomorrow. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not!

Get some rest and sleep well knowing that I am oozing with jealousy.

Your comments are appreciated!

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