iPhone rehab for toddlers

I have shared Corrigan’s love for my phone before.

Since that post Corrigan had become more attached than ever before.  What once was something that I handed to him whenever I needed a moment to pay the cashier or talk to the doctor during an appointment had become something he wanted all day long.

Now Corrigan cannot talk (much!)  but he has his ways to communicate some of his wants/needs/desires.  Mainly, he just urgently drags me around the house and taps my hand on whatever he wants but with my phone he takes me over to wherever he spots it charging and starts yelling for it.

“Unh! Unh! HEWWO?” all. day. long.

We decided that we needed to cut back on his phone-time so I changed where I plugged it in and hid the phone at nearly all times. He handled the smart phone detox without the shakes so that was nice for a change.

Now that he has to wear his backpack/pump several times a day I feel okay bringing out the phone to keep him happy while his feeds run and then putting it away until I need it again. However, just because he no longer asks for the phone doesn’t mean that he doesn’t think that it is his own personal property whenever he sees me using it.

Hiding the phone means that my own use is curtailed most of the day. Which stinks. I feel like I have to sneak my own stuff.   He can spot that puppy a mile away and stops whatever he is doing to come over and try to poke at it. Actually, steal it from my grip, race down the hall to his bedroom and then poke at it until something happens.

There are days that I have a chance to sit down and browse around a bit on the internet but I am tired and want to sit on the couch instead of in front of my desktop but I have to find ways to hold the phone so that Corrigan does not see it.

Watching SuperWhy, oblivious to my iPhone usage


How does he know?


He isn’t buying it.  Maybe he can smell technology?


Mayday! Mayday!


That is some professional thumb scrolling there, Corrigan!


He loves the Eric Carle, “My First App”

I love that he is learning numbers, colors and matching!

The kid can really match!


I wonder how long until they make educational toys, like the LeapFrog series of handheld systems, that integrate iPhone-like touch and scroll technology?  I was thinking about something like this for his third birthday but I think that after using my phone for so long he would hate it.

Does your little one love your phone? Do you set limits? Any favorite apps?


5 thoughts on “iPhone rehab for toddlers

  1. Heemie loves “First Words”. The sampler is free and he has fun moving the tiles to spell different words. Also, I always go on YouTube and use videos of Elmo to distract during blood draws.


    • Oooh no kidding! I will def. get that one then! We do youtube videos too, to distract, especially ELMO and Indi Arie doing the ABC song! (Also, Will-I-am, from the black eye peas. has a cute Sesame Street song called WHAT I AM and it is adorable!


  2. Sounds like he needs an iPad! or at the very least his own iPod touch. I bought a 2nd hand iPod touch just for apps. Ruckus Media has a lot of kid-friendly apps. Zachary likes the Velveteen Rabbit right now ~Meryl Streep reads. I do try and keep use to only when out and about, but they all have computer time and we have a Wii, so they get time on there. Sounds like if this is something he is good at (dexterity, manipulating the apps, learning!) I would definitely look into something he can have access to without monopolizing your phone!

    Thank you for your comment on my latest post – I may sound composed, but it actually took me 2 full days after the downturn to write it all out. ah, the magic of the internet! I do try and remain calm and focused, though. It’s very tempting to break down and view everything with a ‘why me’, but I’m afraid if I ever start down that road, I’ll never return. I do struggle with the concept of Faith. I appreciate the prayers that everyone offers, I am just at a loss when it comes to my own belief system. I hope your Holiday weekend is a peaceful one. ~Amy


  3. Nathan can’t get enough of old Donald Duck cartoons on you tube…like 1930’s cartoons, a life saver at the hospital but I believe he is beginning to think it is his as well. He picks exactly which one he wants and learned to scroll too!!! I doubt he would accept a cheap (or expensive) toy replacement. Read this entire post to my husband, we both were hysterical.


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