“How to cook a turkey” by Connor (age 5)

I know that there are parents that file away every piece of work their child brings home from school but I have had to be pretty selective in that department over the years.  We have lived in this house since Connor started preschool and storage is so limited that I had to give up on archiving everything-even though it is definitely in my nature to be the keeper of the memories.

However, there were some things that I could never toss out and nine years later they still bring me joy to read.

In honor of Turkey Day I thought that I would share with you Connor’s recipe for Thanksgiving turkey, as transcribed by his kindergarten teacher.  Circa 2002.

(Please forgive the obnoxious frames, when else-other than a Thanksgiving post-can I use them?)

His coloring skills were pretty good for Kindy, right? Those green potatoes though, whew.

Let’s take a look at what Connor listed as ingredients to make a delicious holiday turkey…

Small, leafy, salty bird.

Sounds scrumptious.

But how should one prepare a Thanksgiving turkey, Connor?

(I will pull this paper out every Thanksgiving until the year that I die and will always get a chuckle out of his instructions to microwave the turkey. )

Okay, so I put the salt and salad on the turkey and then put it in the microwave. How long should I cook it for?

Wait, there’s a ten on my microwave? I did not know that.   Fifty minutes, that seems reasonable.

So there you have it. No need to call the Butterball hotline with your Thanksgiving dinner questions! Simply follow Connor’s simple, yet elegant (and speedy!), recipe for a turkey dinner that is sure to please! (eat your heart out, Martha Stewart!)

Tomorrow, when Mark is sweating in the kitchen, determined to tackle the mythical “Thompson Turkey“, I think that I will quietly tape Connor’s recipe to the cupboard.  If it all gets too overwhelming I want him to know that there is an easier way to get it all done.

Just. Push. Ten.


Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you that stop by this blog to check on us, who leave witty and encouraging comments, that send me wonderful emails offering your full love and support.  I am truly blessed in every aspect of my life (despite recent whiny posts) and I couldn’t be more thankful for each of you.

I hope that your holiday is full of smiles, hugs and delicious food.

Go make some memories!



3 thoughts on ““How to cook a turkey” by Connor (age 5)

  1. One of the things I am thankfull for this year, is having gotten to know you and yours. I go to the blog daily, think of you and Conner, Corrigan and Mark, (and yes…:-) Jerrico too). Your family and you, are very special. I come late to the “fan club”, but I wish you and yours, all the best.


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