Turkey Day

Thanksgiving was small and comfortable with only 5 of us for dinner this year.  The food was delicious and even Corrigan was super well-behaved all morning and afternoon.  We really needed him to occupy himself while we cooked and he managed to find ways to entertain himself for long periods of time.

There were many things that made me smile today.

The first (and best!) was in the morning when I peeked into the boys bedroom and saw this…

Corrigan often crawls into Connor’s bed but only to jump on Connor’s head while he tries to sleep, never to actually sleep because, well, we all know that Corrigan doesn’t believe in that kind of thing.

For several minutes I debated whether taking the shot was worth waking the beast(s) but eventually I knew I had to capture this moment.  Plus, Mark had his hand up a turkey’s behind and couldn’t come look for himself so the photo was also for him.

They never woke and I kept sneaking down the hall over and over just to witness the brotherly moment and each time I peeked in Corrigan and Connor had moved but Corrigan always had his hand touching Connor.  The last time I looked in, I saw that Connor must have pulled the blanket up over the two of them and when I saw them all snuggled in, both sound asleep with mouths wide open, I died a little. It was too cute for words.

I smiled at Corrigan’s strange vocabulary explosion today.  For weeks he has been saying, “Ubble” for the word “bubble” but today he added the “B” at the start of the word and has used it properly all day long.  He also said, “Bye bye, See you” when Buddy left and also clearly repeated the word, “Mooney” when Petra called my name through the kitchen door.

We can go weeks without new words and today we got three! That’s something to be thankful for!

Finally, the video below makes me smile.

We do not have cable television but we do have Netflix and we watch it on our old television through Connor’s Xbox 360.   Mark was scrolling through the “Children and Family” channel for something that Corrigan might like when this little moment happened. I love that Mark played along

I told you that Corrigan needs iPhone rehab. Then again, I try to side scroll on the GPS too so I can hardly blame him for being confused.

Your comments are appreciated!

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