Whoa. I almost logged off and went to bed without posting today. Close call.

This will be brief, I am off duty until morning (yay!) and my bed is calling my name.

Plus, I managed to get a heck of a chemical (?) burn in my throat last evening and it is kind of making me wish the day was over.  After running an after-dinner load in the dishwasher I was anxious to empty it in order to run another one and was not paying attention when I opened the door.  A big steaming cloud of bleach (?) came rolling out and I breathed it in while talking.  I remember thinking, at the time, that I was glad I had closed my eyes in time but within 30 minutes I realized that my throat was torched.

My throat started to swell and then has been pretty continually gunky over the last 24 hours. It feels like post-nasal drip but only from my throat down, nose unaffected.  I’ve felt a bit “chokey” several times today but it is getting better. I managed a 90+ minute call this afternoon but I think all of the talking might have caused a slight setback in the healing process.

Oh and oranges? Not a good snack choice for someone with a chemically burned throat.  A wee bit too acidic.  Also, no Dr. Pepper.  Might as well been pepper spray.

I am alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen to see which works best but honestly it just feels like nothing but time is going to help.  It definitely feels better than it did first thing this morning so I am hopeful by tomorrow it’ll be markedly better.

If you have any helpful tips for easing this kind of sore throat I am all ears!

And to show how wiped out I am, this post will be without photo.

I know. Maybe only the third time that has ever happened.



Your comments are appreciated!

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