happy happy joy joy

Corrigan is feeling much better.

Can you tell?

Believe it or not, I don’t believe in Photshopping ( I know, I know…”photoshop” is NOT a verb. what-ev-er) the heck out of every aspect of life, especially in regards to kids, so I tend to leave the bruises, scratches and messy food-faces on Corrigan but I draw the line at boogers.  I had to perform PS magic to clone all of the crusties off of this photo. And I had to zoom in. Way in.  Weird how I am no longer hungry. {stomach churns}

Too much information?

Full disclosure you know. Ha. Sometimes it ain’t purty.

I took the advice of a reader (thanks Jennifer!) and slowed his pump rate down during Corrigan’s night feed and propped him up better last night. I also watered down his formula just a bit. The extra fluids are good for him anyway.  Nothing came back up and he slept until 4am.  Sweet!

His nose is still the bane of his existence though and he considers almost anything a tissue. The couch. My arm. The dog.  Everything is fair game when Corrigan has a runny nose.

Saline works for about an hour to help dry up the drainage but when he sees me coming with the saline spray he throws a fit like I am about to waterboard him instead of help him out. I am a big, strong girl but when Corrigan is freaking out I feel completely overpowered.

The kid has superhuman strength when he is terrified/angry/upset and it always leaves us both sweaty and breathless. At least he finally understands that I am not wiping his nose with a tissue because I hate him, but that I am helping to make his life a little better so he actually stands still for a tissue swipe. Never though that day would come! I also like to imagine that he thanks me, after each gentle wipe, using only the voice in his head.

If only I can convince him that the saline is our an ally too.

I mentioned on Facebook that Corrigan tried Nutella for the first time this evening. Oh yes, my Facebook posts really are that interesting. He enjoyed it and ate about 1/4 of a slice of bread with a skiff of spread on top.  He actually murmured, “Mmmmm” after the very first bite and stayed on his chair for more.  It was too rich for him after awhile though so he didn’t eat as much as I had weighed out but it was a small thrill to see him try something different and try more than one bite.

Though I should add that I think that his body metabolized it as if it were crack cocaine. The ensuing hours after dinner were amusing and frightening at the same time. lol.  The kid was a maniac…a sweaty, laughing, bouncing, no-holds-barred maniac. I think that I might have to trade in my coffee for a spoonful of Nutella if it has that much kick!

*as an aside, does anyone love Ferrero Rocher candy?  Nutella tastes like a big jar of the stuff inside of the Rocher, only without the weird wafer-thingy that encapsulates the delicious center.  Can I get a witness?

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of my self-imposed mandatory daily blogging and I could not be happier for that whole “thirty days has September, April, June and NOVEMBER” thing.  Whew.  The plan, for tomorrow, is for there to be some random “Mindy” informational post for all of the new people that peek over here each day and maybe, if my skin quits exploding like I am 14, a new self-portrait.  The problem is that I cannot find my tripod. (LIE! I have pieces of my tripod but am unable to locate the rest. It has all been missing for about a year now) so I might have to leave it all up to Corrigan to take the shot.

Just have to make sure we keep him out of the Nutella before I hand him the camera!

3 thoughts on “happy happy joy joy

  1. He looks great! I am so glad he slept better!!

    We got the snot and a double ear infection thing going on here. Just sucked out Abbey’s nose which is basically a mini torture session as you described. 🙂 FUN!


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