I know I am weird. I just cannot blog if anyone is in the room.  It is why I do not blog until late at night or in the day while the baby (the baby? I need to catch up) is sleeping and Mark is not around.  I’m happy to show him my posts when I am finished but while I am forming my thoughts? Nope. Can’t have another human being breathing in the room.

Doesn’t look like tonight is going to be the post I wanted.  11:30pm and I feel like I haven’t had a second to breathe all day (probably because Corrigan gave me his cold and I can’t breathe today) and 30 minutes left until I turn into a blog pumpkin is not enough time to compose a clear thought. I work slowly I guess.

Guess good ‘ol NaBloPoMo is going out with a whimper.  see ya!

One thought on “nevermind

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