a post about ME! (ugh)

When this blog started, the only people that read the posts were family members that were aching to know how Corrigan was doing while hospitalized at John’s Hopkins.  However, over time the stats on the blog showed that more than family had to be reading and once in awhile I would hear, “so-and-so has been following your blog” or “I read on your blog that…”

One time I was in line at the store and the lady that took my order said, “How is that precious baby of yours doing?”  I must have looked perplexed because she then added, “I read everything you post about him on the computer!”  I had no clue who she was.

So weird.

Not that I was a newbie to blogging.  Many many moons ago, probably ten years now, I had a blog on a little website called Diaryland. Back then you either had Diaryland or LiveJournal to choose from.  I blogged anonymously for years and that allowed me to pretty much say what I wanted. Anything that I wanted.   I had a loyal group of readers that blogged just as anonymously as I did and my goodness, that was fun. We were idiots. Happy idiots saying whatever we wanted.

That was back when we all had screen names and the very thought of using your real name, online, was horrifying. Over time, people became more comfortable with the scary interwebs and blogging became more mainstream. Lots of personal information is now shared on blogs and I am now one of those fully “exposed” bloggers that do not hide my name or my location.  I am also married to a great big dude with a couple of belts in different martial arts and many trophies for marksmenship. Do you like that oh-so-subtle warning there? We have a big dog too. And a dragon. The fire-breathing kind.

Open blogging works for me.

I blog a lot about Corrigan, of course, and some about Connor. I do not blog less about Connor for any other reason than he is getting older and what I share could potentially upset him. He is in middle school and walks the tightrope of acceptance among peers just as most of us did at age 13 and he doesn’t need his mom on the internet sharing the details of his life.

I rarely blog about Mark either. The guy is super private and I respect that. I would love to share more stories about Mark, my heavens that guy is hysterical, but not only family reads this blog, but so do members of our church family and his employer. He is a man of character and I might accidentally tell a story in a way that would cast him in an unfavorable light and that would be wrong for me to do that to him. I have told him for years that he should blog.  If Mark blogged you would totally bookmark his page.  Maybe I do not want him to blog. Then he would be posting all of my embarrassing antics on the web.

It’s a fine line, people.

Anyway, there are a lot of people that come here each day. Not many comment but it is a pretty steady number and it is a nice number. It makes me feel really good that people care enough to come back but it also makes me very aware of each word that I type.

This isn’t Diaryland.  I am accountable.

I have to assume that the majority of the people that come here do not know me in real life (*side note…do you remember when bloggers referred to the “real world” as “meatspace?” I miss that.  Let’s bring that back.) because lets be honest, I do not have that many friends.  That being said, maybe you do not know much about me. You know my “voice” and maybe you have seen a few photos but I do not really share personal information about myself on here and maybe you might want to know more?

Or not. That’s okay if you don’t. I realize that you probably come here for the Corrigan cuteness. He is pretty edible.

I am kind of bored right now, it is laundry day, and Corrigan is napping so I thought that now is as good a time as any to share a little bit about myself.

1.  My name is Mindy.  Actually, it is Melinda.  When I was in the second grade I was in a class with another Melinda. Only her name was spelled Malinda.  We were both really good at the math game “Around the World”, always vying for first place, and I hated that our teacher got us confused. Plus, she was prettier than me.   One day I went home and told my parents that I would be Mindy, from that day forward,  and if they could never call me Melinda again, thankyouverymuch, that would be awesome.  They played along. The name stuck. The End.

2. I have never opened the window in my kitchen.  I have lived here for ten years.

3.  I really love a brunch buffet but the omelette bar intimidates me. Which then makes me angry, because I really love an omelette, so I angrily chew on my cantaloupe and stew about how much of a weenie I am. It just seems weird to walk up to someone, who’s sole job is to prepare a fluffy egg for me, and ask them to customize my breakfast. Who do I think I am? The Queen of England?

4.  When I peel off the foil lid on a pudding cup I consider it to be an indication of my skills as a human being if I manage to peel it completely off without ripping it.  Totally ruins my day if I leave that little lip of foil on the edge of the cup.

5. I hate refilling ice cube trays. HATE. HATE. HATE.

6.  Years ago I was in a movie. Maybe you saw it (doubt it!) but one of the scenes was filmed here in Maryland and I was invited to come down and be a musician in the orchestra pit.  I got paid.  I waited in line for two hours for hair and makeup and when I got to the front of the line the lady said, “She’s fine” and motioned for me to get out of her face. She didn’t even look at me. I also got a burn on my leg from one of the set lights that was inches away from me, in the pit. I was wearing nylons. Hot lights+ melting nylons=awesome.

By the way, who says, “nylons” these days? What am I, eighty?

7. During the lunchbreak, on the day that we filmed, the crew and extras were sitting down to eat and the two principal actors came to our tent and joined us. We were all struck silent for a bit.  The main actor sat directly behind me with other male crew members and ate his lunch and when he got up, his chair bumped into me and his shoulder touched mine.  I was star struck.

8. The female lead in that movie came over to the musicians table, where we were all dressed in concert black and white, and complemented us on a fine meal. ha! She thought that we were craft services. She was so nice though. None of us corrected her.

9. It was a 14 hour day. For a 27 second scene. A scene that you can not even tell I am in. Great experience though. A lot of the magic of movie making was revealed to me that day. It isn’t easy work for anyone involved. The actors were Nicolas Cage and Shirley MacLaine. Bonus points to whoever knows the movie in the comments!  (*side note,again…I do not own a copy of the movie that I was in.  However, I do own TWO copies of Dumb and Dumber, one on VHS and one on DVD. Says a lot doesn’t it?)

10. I have never been farther West than Tennessee and never farther South than Florida.  And don’t even ask me about North.  I must be allergic to the North because I don’t think I have even ever been to central PA.  I am a townie, through-and-through. I do not own a passport. I will probably never fly again in my life.  I am so boring.

11. Both of my babies were born C-section. It was awesome. Except for the MRSA infection. That wasn’t fun but I survived (yay, me!) and I would do it again. The C-section that is, not the MRSA…staph is a real bummer. Except I won’t be doing that again. In fact, soon it will be permanent that I will not be doing it again. It makes me sad.  Urea Cycle Disorders took the joy of more children from me. It will be okay though. I have ordered Connor to marry at age 18 and immediately start having grandbabies for me to love on.

12. I pray for Connor’s future wife every single night. Sincerely, I am not joking, I pray for her. Whoever she is, wherever she may be.  I have never prayed for Corrigan’s future wife. I have, from the moment of Corrigan’s diagnosis, been afraid to pray too far ahead for Corrigan’s future.  I am extremely thankful that he is here at all, today, and for Corrigan, I pray for tomorrow.  That’s all I can handle.

13.  I once got fired from Olan Mills.  You might think that it was because I was morally opposed to starburst photo-effects or faux marble pillars but no, I was just a telemarketer for the company…selling baby photo packages.  They made me call people during dinner hours.  I was called a whore a lot.  People really do not like whores calling them while they are eating.

14. The worst job that I ever had was piercing ears. We pierced the ears of babies that were a minimum of 4 weeks old. That sucked.  To this very day, when I walk by a kiosk that is piercing a child’s ears, my hands shake and my heart races.  I think that it is one of the cruelest things that we do to kids.

15. I have anxiety issues that, when at peek levels, manifests itself into strange night hallucinations.  I don’t know what to call them but I wake (partially???) and am unable to move my body. My eyeballs can move though and sometimes I think I see spiders, or snakes or the shadows on the wall appear to be people standing in the room.  My heart races and this lasts for 10-15 seconds until my muscles release and then I leap to my feet, slap on the light in the room and prepare to do battle with a viper or something.

Usually, in the seconds between the moment my body is able to move and the moment my hand touches the light switch, I am 100% awake and chastising myself in my own head, telling myself that I am so stupid, but I have to still turn on the light.  It is not feasible, not for a million dollars, that I lay there and go back to sleep. It is as if my body is not under my own control and no matter how stupid I feel I still have to get out of the bed.

Sometimes I slap the viper off of Mark before I get up and hit the lights. Hey, at leastI am a noble hallucinator, concerned for my spouse’s well being! Right?

After all of these years he just ignores me now.

Well, that’s about it! My coffee is getting cold, my towels are ready to be folded and I feel all weird talking about myself for so long.  Might as well rip the scab completely off and post a photo.

(Strategically placed toddler so that I can hide the extra 50lbs? Check!)

If there is anything else you want me to answer, feel free to leave the question in the comments! Thank you so much for coming back and reading.  I really do appreciate you being here!


8 thoughts on “a post about ME! (ugh)

  1. I know the movie I know the movie!! My friend was an extra in it as well, but his scene got cut. He was in the audience at the Maryland Theater and Shirley MacClaine’s program was to flutter down from on high… right in front of him! Then it got cut. Talk about your anticlimax!
    I am GLAD you did a “you” post. I think you should do many many more! There are so many incredible things about you they cannot fit into a year’s worth of blogging…. I love you! And psst… I was reading you before you even HAD a Corr to write about…. and before I even knew Connor existed! So there. Ha.


  2. That’s right Steph, you are prob. the only one that remembers those Diaryland days!!! fun times, fun times.

    You know the main reason that shoot took a gajillion hours was the stupid program would NOT flutter properly. And while we (the orchestra pit and singers) were dubbed in the movie we were actually playing (and the opera singers were singing) during the million takes…we must have played those few lines of music a hundred times.

    How weird that your friend was there too! The audience were all in formal wear, it was neat to watch it all go down!


  3. Great post! The picture of you is so cute!! 🙂 Btw, I ALWAYS strategically try to position the kids in the picture, so that my extra 50 lbs aren’t visible!


  4. Ok, so I only skimmed the post for now, I will be back to read it in its entirety since I think you are a totally awesome person who I feel like I virtually get along with…and I saw the last photo …”perfectly placed toddler…” Haha, I LOVE it, your sense of humor is right down my alley.


  5. You should do more posts like this, Mindy!

    And p.s. – I am totally with you on not praying too far ahead. But meanwhile, I get kind of mad at myself for not thinking that far ahead. Stupid UCD has robbed us of those dreams, but there’s some part of me that still wants to think that far ahead so as to not let UCD get the best of me.


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