It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

We finally got our Christmas tree today. I still cannot stop taking big sniffs of air, I just love the way the tree smells this year. Have you ever had a “bad” tree before? Last year I swear that our tree smelled like cat pee. No one else thought so, no many how many times I asked them to smell again.

Mark and Connor headed out to the tree farm and I had pretty much begged them to pick a smaller tree this year. Last year’s tree was a monster and I hated every second that it was in my house.  The thing was huge when they brought it inside but I think that Mark filled the tree stand with steroids, instead of plain water, because when we woke the next day it had overtaken another 4 feet of living space. It was insane.

I didn’t hold out much hope that they would bring something back that *I* wanted…because, let’s face it, my opinion doesn’t hold much weight when it comes to all things Christmas. Don’t even ask me about my beautiful silver and blue tree, with sparkly white lights and cascades of tapestry ribbon.  It was banished to storage because I was told that Christmas is about the kids…and bright, gaudy lights, inflatable cartoony things and copious amounts of fake snow if possible. I can have my “magazine-worthy” tree when the kids are grown.  {pouts} <–not really. It is growing on me. This bright, bold kind of Christmas!

I was so thrilled when they pulled into the driveway with this little beauty on top…

I knew before they brought her in she was exactly what I wanted.

Connor lugged her inside by himself…having a teenager in the house is super handy!
Corrigan was napping when the boys got back with the tree but we went ahead and decorated because we knew if he were awake we would be spending the majority of our time dodging plastic as Corrigan tossed ornaments like grenades. Plus, we thought he might find it neat to wake up and come out to something magical.

We made quick work of the decorating, everyone was in a good mood and I only had to tell Connor to put down the video controller and “decorate the tree or else…and smile while you’re doing it, mister!” once or twice.

I still need to get downstairs and find more of my tree stuff. The tree needs “something else” but I am not sure yet what it might be.  I do want to wait and see if she “grows” overnight as the branches settle before making any decisions but as anti-tinsel as I have been most of my life, I think that this tree might need some.  I am feeling tinsel-y this year.

(Corrigan hung the bear ornament on the bottom left. I love that it makes it all wonky)

When Corrigan woke he was completely enthralled.  He came out from his room with his foam number 8 and has spent most of the evening trying to prop it in the branches.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the bottom 1/3rd of the tree is decorated with letters and numbers over the next day or so.

Picture overload to follow.  I just couldn’t decide which to share.

(Corrigan loves the plain red ornaments the best. He loves his reflection in them)

The next photo is when he first came out of his room.  I wish my settings were better here, and there was not so much grain in the finished shot, but I still really like it.

He is getting so big. {sigh}

Corrigan’s reaction to the Christmas tree has me excited for Christmas morning. He has never unwrapped a present before, not at any of his birthdays or even last Christmas but maybe this year he will.

We are so blessed. We truly are.  Last Christmas Mark was out of work and we received a garbage bag of toys from Toys for Tots. While we were incredibly grateful for the presents we were a little defeated last year.  This year we have the means to buy our kids gifts but we have a better understanding of how fortunate we are and we have not forgotten how Christmas in 2009 was still a wonderful day even if there were not piles of presents under the tree. We were warm, our bellies were full, our kids were healthy and we had laughter and love.

That’s all that we need.

Merry Christmas!

3 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  1. Capturing life as it is, that is what true photography is all about. You are blessed Mindy, maybe even more than you know…

    I like all the photos but the one I like best is the very last one with the Merry Christmas under it. That one would by my keeper… 🙂


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