christmas 2010

I know. I know. It’s been awhile.

I think the daily blogging thing back in November just wore me out.  Thirty posts in a row, what could possibly be left to say?

Nothing has really changed much around here. Corrigan still acts as if he is allergic to sleep though thankfully his days are starting closer to 3am instead of 1am.  Once every 7-9 days he sleeps through the night but I think that it is just from exhaustion more than anything.

Most of December I was deep in a funk. My December photo folder is testament to my emotional well being, there were only five dates with files the entire month.  My camera is dying and I didn’t think I had emotional attachments to inanimate objects but apparently I do. Well, it has been dying for awhile, I knew it was coming, but the sad reality hit me late last night when I opened up the photos from Christmas day to find that nearly 80% of my photos were unfocused.  I did some test shots today and it looks like all but one of my focal points are dead.

This is the only focal point now working on my camera.

(these are the focal points for the XTi, my camera is far older and not exactly the same)

The shutter is also sluggish and I missed a lot of shots because it probably needs replaced but it doesn’t make any sense to replace a shutter on a camera that is nearly 8 years old.  It just didn’t want to shoot yesterday.  I was only in four shots the entire morning and each of those shots are out of focus and sitting in the recycle bin.

I was messing with my settings all morning but also trying to pay attention to the events unfolding in front of me but I knew when I was shooting that something was wrong.  It kind of breaks my heart…I do not even know how to blog without photos.

Christmas Day was nice. Corrigan opened some presents as long as someone started it for him and Connor seemed happy with his gifts. Kinda hard to really tell with teenagers though.

Out of the few salvageable shots from yesterday morning, this is my favorite…

It is grainy, I had to shoot at ISO 1600 just to take the picture, when previously I could have shot in this lighting condition at 400,  but it was a moment that makes me smile.  We were only one or two presents into the event and Corrigan would not put down his Pig (from SuperWhy) and would not have cared if he did not receive anything else.

Connor was reading his Man Skills Survival Handbook (oh man, I didn’t know it had a section on “How to tell if a woman has breast implants” there are a few sections that I need to glue the pages together) and Corrigan was focused on his toy, they both just seemed so content…and big.  Sheesh.  They are sure growing up fast.

I hope that each of you had a wonderful holiday!

One thought on “christmas 2010

  1. even feeling deathly sick and miserable..that part with Connor made me chuckle and I LOVE the photo! Sorry about your camera! See ya guys soon..btw, I will be sterilizing the house before you guys come to visit;)
    Love you all.


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