a 4am countdown. Or countUP? whatever, I am tired.

Tonight is yet another night where the sun is soon to rise and I have yet to see the inside of my eyelids.  Thankfully I was able to grab a nap when Corrigan crashed last afternoon so I am not quite a zombie. Give it a few hours.

Corrigan, literally, woke up counting at 1am.  I was right next to him, in his brother’s bed, waiting for his night feed to finish, when I heard a soft (but distinctly awake) voice say, “Two! Thwee!” and that was that…time to wake up.

So we practiced our numbers some more and then awhile later I remembered to grab my phone to document his progress.  I was never able to capture his earlier incarnation of “seven” (“sessy!”) on video and that makes me very sad, so now when he pronounces a number a new way I try and grab it on “tape.”

What I have noticed is that Corrigan seems to have a real desire to pronounce his letters and numbers correctly.  He has quickly moved from “sessy” to “sethen” and is moving from “tin” to “ten.”

We really need to see some improvements in areas outside of letters and numbers though. New words are still very scarce (the last new one was “eat” in early Autumn-and he gets speech therapy weekly) if not related to one of those two things and he has stopped signing completely. He does not identify any of us by name or even recognize the concept of names and labels for people…we have SO much work to do and the window is closing. Three years old is around the corner, I feel the pressure…but for tonight we will celebrate the successes.

Even if they come at 4am.

(you might have to turn up your volume just a bit, his voice is sleepy in this video so it is hard to hear)

5:40am…I hope he sleeps soon!

2 thoughts on “a 4am countdown. Or countUP? whatever, I am tired.

  1. Even at 4 in the morning – that’s worth it! Jonathan started with speech when he was almost 2. We didn’t see a big turn around until he was almost 4. He remained relatively non-verbal during that time. Only 3 signs, (eat,more,all done). Jonathan could show you a number of things, like if you asked him for 5 crackers, he would give you 5 crackers, but he didn’t count verbally for a long time.

    Hang in there~ sleep is so overrated anyway ;D (coming from me who could use a nap right now & it’s 10am!)
    Sending gentle, sleepy thoughts your way~


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