cookie monster

Corrigan eats very little by mouth. He is never curious about food, doesn’t particularly care for the things you would think he might (sweets) and could go days without chewing a single thing if we let him.

So of course the moment that Mark and I find ourselves with a few hours to get out of the house (just the two of us!), and a willing older teenage brother for babysitting, I get texts like this…

Oh brother.  Connor knows the things that Corrigan absolutely can never eat. I have more confidence in the ability of my oldest child to make good dietary decisions for Corrigan than anyone outside of Mark or myself.  The kid pays good attention to things and is a fierce protector of his little brother when I need him to be.

Connor also knows the things that are okay for Corrigan to eat but that everything needs to be weighed, written down, and then whatever is not finished must be weighed and documented as well.  He doesn’t do the actual calculating of protein/calories for what was eaten (yet!) but he knows that I need to know everything that Corrigan puts in his mouth.

That is why I asked “did he steal it?” because I knew that Connor would not text me to tell me that he had given Corrigan a chocolate chip cookie, I would have that information when I got home, but this text meant that something had gone awry while we were gone.


Corrigan was being rotten since Mom and Dad were gone, up to mischief he would never attempt if I were home, and apparently he was having the most fun in the kitchen.  Climbing up on my baker’s rack, tossing down the foil pans of Christmas cookies and going to town.

We were all at a bit of a loss as to what to do since we had no way of knowing what he actually ate and the dog was looking awfully guilty too.  All of the cookies from the top pan were gone.  The last I remembered looking inside the container I would estimate there were 6-7 cookies left.

Corrigan had chocolate on his face and hands and was chewing when Connor found him sitting on the floor.

The rest were gone. (bad dog!)

Instead of panicking we all agreed that even with things that Corrigan really likes, chocolate chip cookies included, he has never taken more than three tiny bites.  Probably equivalent to one big normal bite that you or I would take.  He was not in the kitchen very long before Connor discovered the cookie thievery either.

We decided to play it safe and subtract 1 gram of his protein that was allotted for his daily solid food and give him 6 extra ounces of no protein/high calorie drink to compensate a bit for that lost gram.  My gut says that there is no way he ate 1 gram worth of protein from that chocolate chip cookie (probably about 1/4 of that cookie) but we couldn’t take the chance that he had and then give him too much protein and potentially put him into a crisis situation.

Parents go to great lengths to lock up their medicine cabinets, to protect curious little people from electrical outlets, to keep their wee ones from tumbling down stairs.  We have to do all of those things too but we also have to protect him from food. Not just the jar of peanut butter, or shellfish like he were allergic but from all food.  And now that he is causing us problems, like the chocolate chip cookie caper on the Eve of 2011, it looks like now we are going to have to keep the kitchen gated closed 24 hours a day.

I wonder if they can lock me out of the kitchen too…I seem to have a problem with the chocolate chip cookies as well. *burp*


3 thoughts on “cookie monster

  1. But doesn’t it feel a teeny tiny bit good that he knows how to be naughty in a completely normal kid way? And trust me, *burp*we ALL have a little problem with the chocolate chip cookies ;D



  2. It is great, Amy. It is part of the reason he is a tad bit spoiled…because even when it is something naughty, it means “normal” and we cannot hardly stand to squelch it. lol.


  3. Nice to see you and Mark getting out for a bit. As for making the kitchen “off limits”, remember, they don’t give the convicts the keys. 🙂


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