time to put it all away.

(Corrigan “helping” me clean up tinsel)

This morning we took down the tree and all of the Christmas decorations.  I was not sure if tinsel was dangerous to the environment, and who knows where they dump old Christmas trees, so I worked hard to sweep it all from every branch. Maybe I could save it? Put it all in a glass vase or something?   As I worked, I would drop it all into a tidy pile on the floor and I thought that it looked so pretty sitting there. All sparkly and stuff.

Corrigan came out of his room after the pile was quite substantial and I do not think that there were ever a more tempting pile to a child in the whole wide world.  No colorful mound of raked leaves could ever compare to the glittery goodness of swept-up tinsel.  He immediately threw himself into the mess and my first reaction was, “No! Stop! ugh.” but then I let him play.

He tossed it high above his head and let it rain down upon him.  He rolled around in it like it was newly printed cash and he had just robbed the treasury department.  He strung it from his toys, the dog and in between his fingers and toes.  He was truly delighted and it was fun to watch.

It took a little longer to clean up than if it was contained in my tidy pile but I am attempting a new mindset in 2011.  I am going to work really hard to see the positive in every situation. Even if I have to repeat those thoughts to myself while clutching my sore back after sweeping tinsel from every corner of my house after “Hurricane Corrigan” blew through.

(every wondered what tinsel looked like when thrown in the air?)

The house seems so bare now without the glittery tree and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.  It always makes me a little sad to pack it all away but I am also really happy to have our “space” back.

But I admit, I already kind of miss the tinsel in my coffee cup.

Your comments are appreciated!

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