snow wolf

The weather folks keep predicting snow for us here in Western Maryland and the storms keep missing us!  Our neighbors only a few miles west have had considerable snowfall already this year but here in the eastern part of the county we haven’t had much accumulation.

It is probably a good thing that we haven’t had a big storm yet because I do not have any snow clothing for Corrigan. He has outgrown his snow bibs, his boots and even his gloves.  His cousin, Marin, gave him this amazingly awesome hat though and when I saw that we had enough snowfall to at least dust up the yard I had to get him out there and snap a few shots of my little snow wolf.

Honestly, I think that he has such beautiful features and with this hat he almost looks like a little girl.  Those cheeks…{sigh}…so totally nibble-able. Nibbable? Nibbleable?  Meh, I just want to eat them.

The wind was really whipping around out there. He didn’t care.  If it were up to him he would have stayed outside until his nose fell off.

Snow blowing in his eyes…doesn’t faze him a bit. Meanwhile, I was shivering and wishing I were in Florida.

Howling at the wind…

Licking his “paw”…

He discovered the joy of eating snow. Of course I led him away from the yellow stuff!

The transformation from toddler to wolf is complete! (if he only had a tail!)  Thank you Marin! (xoxoxoxo)

I read that 49 out of 50 states had snow on the ground right now. Florida is the only exception.  How much snow do you have?

Stay warm!


11 thoughts on “snow wolf

  1. What an awesome hat!!! The one where he is hunched over is incredible! He totally looks like a wolf…well, a stuffed one, you know what I mean! We didn’t get much snow either, just some bad ice last night, which made the ground cold enough for the snow to stick. Less than an inch, I think.



  2. I’m in Germany and we had all of our snow between November and New Years, now it’s all melted I kind of miss it! But I’m sure it will be back by the beginning of February.

    Can I just say that your boy is adorable and I love that hat!


  3. I am in Fargo, ND…we had 55 inches of snow at the beginning of the week. It snowed 4 out of the 5 work days this week and it is snowing as I type. I am over this winter….and we will most definately have a flood this spring. I love reading your blog…you inspire me. 🙂


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