20 january 2011

Corrigan is still chugging along on his ABC’s (and 123’s!) and now can identify 19 letters.  His pronunciation is getting better every day but the therapist that visited this morning said that while she knew that we should be encouraging proper pronunciation of every single word, she secretly hoped he never stopped pronouncing the letter “W” as “Oogle-do.”

I could never be a speech therapist.  I mourn the loss of every single cute pronunciation from both my own kids and others.  My niece is 19 years old today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SADIE!) and Mark and I still pronounce words the cute ways that she said them when she was two years old. (Pockety-book?) When I hear Corrigan point to a fish and say, “Shish!” it cracks me up.  Shish is a way better way to say it than Fish!

(This is Day-Dee.  That’s what Corrigan named his tubie-baby. Day-Dee is quite abused!)

His therapist worked with him on writing/coloring.  I have really been slacking in this area.  It never holds his attention for very long and he normally just ends up whipping the crayon/marker across the room.  Plus, to be honest, he is a stinker.  Once this kid masters holding a writing instrument my walls are going to be a disaster.  I suppose I should stock up on Mr.Clean Magic Erases and get to teaching!

I dug out the warped, and way too big, whiteboard for some more practice after the therapist left.  My couch is now speckled, Corrigan has marker ON his mick-key button, and there about 10 markers lost behind the couch.  I really need to order him one of these.

He was not interested in doing much of the writing himself but he loved saying a letter and then watching me write it.  I did not have a whiteboard eraser but it was okay.  Corrigan just used his fleece-covered butt to wipe it clean! Uh…or his hair.

The therapist and I were discussing his lack of conversational babbling.  I was showing her how I had stumbled upon hundreds of YouTube videos of babies/toddlers “talking” online and how Corrigan would sit, mesmerized and barely blinking, while they jabbered away.  After watching a few video clips last evening, Mark and I noticed that he ran over to his little mirror and started “talking” to his reflection in a much more animated manner.

It seems that Corrigan is missing a key component to his language journey because of our inability to put him in daycare/playgroup for fear of contagious illness. He needs peer-examples and is not getting any. Zip. Nada.   We have been replaying a video of a little French cutie (around the same age as Cor) telling an elaborate “story” on YouTube (you can view it here..it is precious!) and when Corrigan watched it with his therapist this morning he immediately turned to her and started “talking” in a smiliar way as the little girl, amazing her (and the Director of Early Intervention that was observing the visit today) by adding lots of “puh’s” to his dialogue.  He picked up on the frequent P’s in the French language and was imitating!

I suppose we will be watching lots and lots more toddler-talk YouTube videos to get in peer-examples (and more reason that Corrigan needs an iPad!) Okay fine, it would be cheaper to purchase external speakers for my computer but whatever.

It was a good therapy morning though and a good learning afternoon following therapy…but the stinker won’t nap and is bouncing off of the walls. I think it is the whiteboard markers…buzzzzzzzzzz.

So tell me (if you want, I’m not the boss of you or anything!) what cute pronunciations did your kids make that made you smile???

8 thoughts on “20 january 2011

  1. He is so cute – I love the reds and blues in these photos, and your idea of youtube videos. I worked with several children in Uganda who had trouble with speech, and I really think something like this could help them.


  2. With a face like that you could forgive him anything 🙂 I created a blackboard for my son with blackboard paint in his room. It gave him an avenue to chalk away to his hearts content and he left my walls alone.


  3. Shanley, I knew that not having him around others his age was probably a detriment but to see him imitating so clearly after a short exposure to peers (through video) I now know he needs something more. I just can’t risk him getting sick but thank goodness for YouTube!

    SJ, we were just in the Valspar paint aisle at Lowes the other day and I was looking for the chalkboard paint! My only worry is that Corrigan has some touch/texture issues so he might not like the feeling of dusty chalk but then they make those chalk stick covers for teachers so I will just have to look for those!

    Oh and also, how do I teach a delayed child that it is okay to write on one wall but not the entire house? lol


  4. 19 letters of the alphabet in honor of my 19th birthday, awesome planning Corrigan! (; Everytime I talk to grandma she still says “tomorreyow,” secretly I hope to never hear her say “tomorrow” it just wouldn’t be the same.
    I’m glad to hear that Corrigan is making good progress, he is absolutely adorable.


  5. Dad-I know, right? I should get Corrigan those markers that smell like fruit!

    Sadie, TOO-MAR-EE-O!!!! We still say that all of the time too. Oh man, and you loved when Grandma made you hot chocolate and you would ask for Swiss Piss instead of Swiss Miss…and, naturally, we would all die from laughing so hard.


  6. Remember when Sadie would say Blink-er, Blink-er, in sync with the turn signals of your car! That was too cute. Didn’t Connor used to call pretty girls sancy but he meant fancy?


  7. Erica- Yes!
    Connor used to say Sancy, which meant “sexy” and “fancy” together.
    He also used to say, “The Ghost is Clear!” instead of “The coast is clear!”

    I can’t recall which used to say

    Silver Long Johns and Dairy Clean for Long John Silver and Dairy Queen.

    When Connor was really little he would say Mell instead of Smell.

    and in his fragmented English he would say, “What I Mell?” when he caught a whiff of something delicious.


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