11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Child’s Play

  1. What beautiful photography you have here! Thanks for stopping by. This is our third, maybe even fourth? storm in just a month or so and while I’m VERY blessed to be able to choose whether or not I venture out in it, I am still ready for shoots of green grass to peek through and sprouts of early spring flowers to begin showing themselves. Sigh. Far too soon to wish for it, but wish I do. 🙂


  2. Susie B. : My camera is an old Canon Rebel XT. from 2002? The shutter button needs replaced, so half of the time that I press it, nothing happens. So I miss a LOT of shots. lol.
    Also, all of my auto focal points are “dead” except one and, of course, it is a dumb one so I am forced to manually focus which is nearly impossible with a moving toddler. I am just not that good to focus manually and work with a shutter that, half of the time, does not work. So my ratio of duds to keepers is VERY high-in favor of the duds.

    Not able to replace it so I am living with it! Sometimes I get lucky.


  3. I love to watch the kids play! I wonder what is going on in their heads with the certain choices they make, like piling everything up on the table in someway that makes sense to them. Cute!


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